All the schools viz., the School of Conservation of Natural Resources (SCNR), School of Life Sciences (SLS) and School of Health Sciences (SHS) engage in 4 functions viz., Research (R), Education (E), Business Development (BD) and Community Outreach (CO). Listed below are the short, medium and long term goals of TDU.

Short Term Goals (2015-20)

  1. (BD) Scientifically validated Ayurvedic formulations for anemia, Parkinsons, liver, memory, specific cancers, infections, prevention of malaria.
  2. (E) Development of PhD and master’s programs in various domains permitted under the University Act, with transdisciplinary electives.
  3. (R) Development of integrative-clinical management programs on selected conditions like strokes, Parkinson’s, MCH, skin diseases, pediatrics development-disorders, infertility etc.
  4. (R) Development of a replicable model for threat assessment, species recovery and sustainable wild harvest.
  5. (R) Development of a specialized databases on pharmacology of medicinal resources for drug discovery and drug design.
  6. (BD) Incubation center for TK inspired products and services.
  7. (BD) Incubation center for TK inspired products and services.
  8. (CO) Pilot project for demonstrating relevance of 4th tier of public health system via GIS enabled herbal pharmacopeias at the Taluks level for empowering households, folk healers and schools in PHC.

Medium Term Goals (2015-25)

  1. (R) Development of new benchmark for quality of drinking water in terms of not just safety but physiological activity.
  2. (R) Mode of action of herbal rasayanas in neuro-degeneration.
  3. (BD) Development of a globally acceptable Ayurvedic wellness product, based on the concept of swa-sthya, translated into: services, products and education programs
  4. (R) Development of a program on Rasa-shastra and metallo-proteins.
  5. (R) Assessment of pharmaco-kinetics and dynamics of Ayurvedic dosage forms.
  6. (R) Scientific validation of the Ayurvedic biology of plant substitutes.
  7. (R) Establishment of an innovative physical and digital raw drug repository with novel scientific standards derived from traditional quality parameters.
  8. (R) Studies on role of plant endophytes on the therapeutic properties of medicinal botanicals
  9. (CO) Demonstration of an innovative replicable model for 21st century integrative healthcare at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
  10. (E) Development of an innovative, gurukul BAMS/MD program for establishing global standards in Ayurveda medical education.

Long Term Goals (2015-30)

  1. (R) Studies on Biology of rasa, veerya, guna, vipak, agni, aama
  2. (R) Experimental studies to understand bio-regulation in the frame work of Tridoshas theory
  3. (R) Development of innovative theories on Pathogenesis in the framework of shad kriya kal
  4. (R) Evaluating the efficacy of panchakarma and rasayana on Regenerative biology.
  5. (R) Evaluation of regulation of the gut micro flora through modulating the bio physical environment via agni and aama chikitsa.
  6. (R) Studies on Contemporary History and sociology of Indian Systems of Medicine
  7. (R) Development of Interface of Ayurveda and Engineering
  8. (R) Development of Interface of Ayurveda and the fine and performing arts.
  9. (R) Policy studies on Integrative Healthcare.
  10. (R) Establishment of Digital library of medical manuscripts of India