Need for TDU

Trans-Disciplinary University (TDU)


  • Single domain knowledge institutions provide in depth knowledge of a single discipline. This has tremendous value but also limitations because such education is not sufficiently holistic and nature is multi-faceted. Thus single domain knowledge does not prepare well educated citizens.
  • The scope of the Trans-Disciplinary University includes multiple knowledge domains viz., health sciences, biology, ecology, IT, engineering, design, cinema, performing arts, architecture, policy studies.
  • TDU does not assume that all knowledge lies within the four walls of institutions/universities and therefore encourages learning from knowledge providers and holders wherever they exist.
  • Trans-Disciplinary University is visualized as a trans-disciplinary learning space in which while core programs may be specialized, there will be scope for trans-disciplinary electives, field exposures, research interfaces and sharing of resources and responsibilities with partner knowledge institutions. It will also adopt methods of teaching and pedagogy that go beyond conventional classroom teaching and evaluation.