Why Data Science? (Industry Perspective)

Data Science
  • The demand for data professionals has grown but a corresponding surge in supply has failed to happen. Experts estimate a shortfall of approximately 200,000 data analysts in India by 2018.
  • There are more than 50,000 Data Science jobs listed across various job portals.
  • Data science and data analytics jobs are posted across a variety of industries - BFSI, healthcare, retail, logistics, manufacturing, etc.
  • Median salary for a data science job in India is 10.5 Lakhs.

Data Science is indisputably the most happening of all areas in computer science today. With vast amounts of data available, many companies are looking to make sense of the value they can derive from that data. Data Science provides all the tools and skills necessary to extract valuable insights from the data, by using Mathematical and Statistical techniques. Naturally, this specialisation also focuses on handling Big Data.

We take for granted that every professional knows how to work with a computer, very soon working with domain relevant data will be equally mainstream. Whether you are an engineer, a scientist, or a finance major Data Science is quickly becoming an inevitable part of the tool kit you will need in the future. Knowing how to work with data - storing it, mining it, gaining insights from it, and being able to predict outcomes based on it will give you an edge over your compatriots. Our program is designed to equip you with the pertinent skills and tools that will.

Program Structure and Details

New technologies and innovative approaches to solving problems have become the norm of the day. The pace of change in technology is undeniable. The workplace ethos are changing. Workplace restructuring, Resource Action, Work Force Reduction, etc. have tremendous impact on each one of us. If we are not able to pick up new skills quickly and remain competitive in constantly changing scenario, our career aspirations can quickly fade into oblivion.

TDU provides the tailor made solution in response to this developing scenario. A one year part-time program (PGPx) that will equip you with just the right skills and experiences to super charge your career.

Designed to suit the demanding schedule of working executives, this program is also unique in its focus. The goal is to impart skills and hands-on projects that emphasise practical applications. You can bring your own problems that can be solved in class as projects.

PGPx in Data Science is an intensive and project based program designed and delivered by industry practitioners. This program enables working professionals to develop skills needed to transition to a career in the growing field of Data Science. This program has three distinct modules Data Engineering, Data Analytics & Presentation and Applications which can be taken as a whole or by module.

The program is delivered in a hybrid model with weekend contact hours and online flexible weekday schedule for assignments, projects and discussions.

The students enrolled for this program are expected to spend a total of 12-15 hours per week.
Weekend contact hours - 6
Online assignments/project/discussions - 6 - 9 hours

Student evaluation is done based on their performance in assignments, projects and other assigned activities such as presentations, discussions.

You will get a certificate after successful completion of each module and a PGPx from TDU after successful completion of all three modules.

Program structure

Delivery Methodology


The TransDisciplinary method combines modern and traditional Indian knowledge systems to create a holistic learning method through inter, multi and TransDisciplinary perspectives. Derived from ancient Indian theories on learning and the theory of ‘Connectivism’, it is referred to as the ‘learning theory for the digital age’.

The approach comprises:

Experiential Learning: “Learn by doing” is one of the foundational principles of this method. It aims to make them solve real life challenges and problems.

Extensive Community: Networking and community building are the foundation of ‘Connectivism’ as these foster an environment of collaboration. TDU aims to build extensive partnerships with the best in the industry to enable the same.

Flexibility and Personalization: Everyone learns in different ways. Understanding what works for whom is what personalization of education is. This is what we promote and profess to harness the best minds.

Skills Framework: All assessments are tied to a skills framework. A student will progress along a chosen skills map as he/she selects and complete a series of electives. Modularisation of delivery will be directed by well-researched goals and guidelines.

Why TDU?

Institute of TransDisciplinary Health Sciences & Technology (TDU) is committed as a University, to promote inter, multi and TransDisciplinary perspectives in every domain with an aim to make learning more holistic, enjoyable and thus improve learning outcomes for its students.

TDU only offers programmes which are of contemporary relevance, and cutting edge. We prepare students, working professionals, and scholars to have an uncommon advantage compared to their peers because of our emphasis on experiential learning and competency based evaluation. The University imparts its programmes using practical, application-oriented approaches. All programmes are designed and delivered by faculty who have track record of research and application and not merely class room teaching. The faculty consists of persons drawn from a range of organizations including industry, reputed research centers, the United Nations agencies, Universities, and Non-governmental organizations.

TDU has evolved from 24 years of pioneering work of the Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT). TDU thus inherited legacy of 24 years of nation building achievements of FRLHT.

  • Founded by Sam Pitroda, the father of India’s telecom revolution
  • TDU partners with a long list of research and innovation institutes to allow our students access to their expertise as well (read about partners)
  • TDU has done pioneering research in applying data sciences and informatics for conservation of natural resources in India - country’s only national herbarium and raw drug repository of the medicinal plants of India, national centre of excellence of the ministry of Environment, forests and climate change (GOI), world’s largest network of 108 medicinal plant conservation areas (MPCAs), located in all the major forest types.
  • TDU has designed and developed India’s most reliable Database on the Medicinal Botanicals of the country, including their geographical distribution and traditional pharmacopeia.

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