Effectively communicating science through Musical notes

Authors: Hardik Panchal, Deepa Srivathsa

Two decades back, Forest Department of Karnataka, organized a program on conservation of nature (flora and fauna) that was aired on Doordarshan, Bengaluru. The album was known as “Parisara Geethegalu”, which means the songs of nature. These songs had effectively communicated to the public about nature, benefits harnessed from it and the degradation of natural ecosystem by human activities.

From the ancient times, humans are aware of enchanting power of music. All of us would have experienced the magic of music in our life during one point or the other. Various tribal communities across the world communicate through performing arts giving importance of nature, its benefits and conservation, and, music is one of them. The main motto behind these sort of communication highlights their concern about protection of resources for the use of future generation with a simple to understand and effective medium.

We came across the work of Ricky Kej, Grammy award winner composer and musician at Science Comm’17 event at NIAS. His music album “Samsara (Song for Kiribati)” highlights the process of global warming and impacts of climate change experienced by the Pacific island country, Kiribati. The album effectively communicates the plight of the island which is in frontline to face the effects of global warming as the island may get submerged in near future if the phenomenon of global warming continues to increase. Another initiative spread across Africa, Conservation Music, promotes music for conservation and sustainable development.

Realising the importance of music in communicating sciences, the TDU has integrated music and art while designing transdiscipline courses like ‘conservation sciences’, ‘conservation future’ and ‘science communication’. In these courses emphasis has been given to introduce students to music and other forms of arts and to use this medium as an effective tool to communicate and create awareness among people for conservation of nature.

Let us harness the power of music for conservation and biodiversity.

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