Academics – CEVSP

Masters by Research Programmes

1. Master of Science – Ethno-veterinary Science and Practice by Research

The course is designed for students who are interested in taking up Dairy management , animal health wellbeing, Alternate medicine for animal health management , Antibiotic resistance, antibiotic residue in animal products, clinical research in veterinary medicine.

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Certificate Programmes

1. Training of trainers in Ethno- Veterinary Practices and Veterinary Ayurveda for Veterinarians and Extension Officers

This program aims to improve animal health, farmer income and quality animal products in smallholder farmers organized across India through popularizing the use of ethno-veterinary practices and Veterinary Ayurveda.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To increase awareness and capacity for using EVP of veterinarians.
  • To create a well-functioning network of trainers actively promoting ethno-veterinary practices amongst smallholder livestock farmers in Dairies.
  • To effectively control chemical/drug residues in milk and other animal products from smallholder livestock producers across the union.
2. Training of Trainers for Local Resource Persons in Ayurvedic medicinal plants usage and utility in management of certain Primary health care in animals and human beings

Diploma and PG Diploma Programmes

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Ethno- Veterinary Practices (PGDEVP) jointly with TANUVAS
2. Certificate & Diploma in Hasthyadyayurveda

Training for Veterinarians

TDU has been working on Ethno Veterinary Science and Practice for the past twelve years. 863 veterinarians from 14 states of India and 4 other countries have been trained in ethno-veterinary practices.

Sl. no State No. of Veterinarians Trained
1. Karnataka 223
2. Gujarat 201
3. Kerala 113
4. Tamil Nadu 73
5. Maharashtra 69
6. Sikkim 47
7. International Veterinarians 35
8. Haryana 30
9. Punjab 19
10. Andhra Pradesh 17
11. Uttar Pradesh 17
12. Assam 10
13. Telangana 6
14. Delhi 2
15. West Bengal 1
  Total 863

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