Upcoming Events

Online Workshop on Role of Citizen Science in Research

Saturday, 19th September
Sunday, 20th September

Theme Hobbyists have been helping with research for centuries in different capacities. In the colonial era, several European army servicemen and engineers were involved...   Read More

Online Workshop on Ghee

Saturday, 26th September
10am - 1pm

Course Theme Ghee is a much loved tradition food in Indian cuisine. It’s consumption finds detailed mention in classical Ayurveda texts. The method of...   Read More

Online Workshop: Unravelling Plant Metabolite Diversity Using Multiomic Technologies

Wednesday, 7th October
Monday, 12th October

Theme The current workshop targets the use of multi-omic technologies to investigation into plant metabolism and the underlying genetics and biochemistry that allows for...   Read More

10th Online NGS Program (Credit Based) – Transcriptome Data Analysis

Monday, 12th October
Friday, 16th October

Genomics Home Our Strength Highly skilled resource persons who provide hands on training in the field of Molecular biology, Genomics and Bioinformatics. Successfully completed...   Read More

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