Dr. Abdul Kareem


  • Carried out the Ethno-botanical studies in establishing correlation between the traditional names and botanical names in different Indian System of medicines. (Siddha, Unani, Tibetan and Folk system)
  • Co-ordinated 18 NGOs (Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka) in establishment of ethno medicinal Gardens (ex-situ conservation)
  • Co-rodianted in establishing 50,000 Home Herbal Gardens (HHGs) and 100 Community Knowledge Health Registers (CKRs)in 5 states.
  • Co-ordinated a program in Mainstreaming Traditional Medicine into Official Primary Health Care Program in 25 Primary Health Care Centres of Karnataka
  • Conducted Capacity building programs to the 14 FDA CEOs and 5 NGO partners on Community Owned Enterprises and establishment of Community Owned Enterprise.
  • Developed capacity for more than 100 members Biodiversity Management Committee in 6 states on preparation of People Biodiversity Registers
  • Designed a 1-day exposure program for higher secondary students, with scope for hands on experience and outdoor learning, to enable them develop necessary interest on medicinal plants.
  • Facilitated in implementation of the project “Mainstreaming Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plant Diversity in three Indian States – . (GOI-UNDP-GEF-) as Project Manager
  • Implemented a program on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plant Resources in Tripura “Linking Institutional, Ecological and Economic Management of Resources” with State Medicinal Plant Board, Tripura and National Medicinal Plant Board, New Delhi.
  • Facilitate in conducting Conservation Assessment and Management Prioritization of medicinal Plants workshop and publishing the report for the state of Nagaland, Tripura and Manipur

I am interested to engage with PhD students, young people interested in designing and executing innovative educational and outreach programs related to:

  1. Applied Ethno botany
  2. Medicinal plant Conservation
  3. Forest resources and sustainable use
  4. Education outreach activities

Some of my important publications:


  • Vijay Barve, Deepa Thulasidasan, M. Abdul Kareem. (2002). Use of GIS in Medicinal plants Conservation Parks, GIS Development.net
  • Gayathri, M. B., M .Abdul Kareem, K. Sarbeswar and P.M. Unnikrishnan. 1996. Single Drug Therapy in Netraroga. Ancient science of Life Vol. No. XVI 2 Oct 1996, page 122-135.
  • Sustainable harvesting, conservation, cultivation and marketing linkages for medicinal plants of Andhra Pradesh Community forest management project for Andhra Pradesh Forest Department by FRLHT, July 2002. (Report)


  • Kareem, M.A. 1997, “PLANTS IN AYURVEDA” (A Compendium of Botanical and Sanskrit Names), Foundation for Revitalization of Local health Tradition, Bangalore
  • Kareem, M.A. (2007)’ A prospective randomized clinical study to assess the Quality, Safety and Effectiveness of two finished ethno-medical products; ( un published Ph.D Thesis)
  • Ved D.K., Anu V., Kareem M. A., Saha. D. and Majumdar. K. 2016, Conservation Assessment and Management Prioritization for the Medicinal Plants of Tripura. FRLHT, Bangalore. p-183
  • Ved D.K., Anu V., Saha. D., Kareem M. A.,and Ravikumar. K.2015, Conservation Assessment and Management Prioritization for the Medicinal Plants of Nagaland. FRLHT, Bangalore. p-291


  • Village Botanists’ training manual (regional language) for 5 states
  • Operational guidelines for implementation of GEF Medicinal Plants Project
  • Operational guidelines for implementation of CCF-II project
  • Abdul Kareem. 1995. Inventory of Plants Used in Indian System of Medicine. FRLHT. Research Report, Bangalore India.

E-mail: abdul.kareem@tdu.edu.in

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