Hariramamurthi G


1. Coordinated the Certificate Program in Primary Healthcare for Traditional Community Health Practitioners (from Tamil Nadu)
2. Coordinated the Certification of Prior Learning of Traditional Community Health Practitioners
3. Coordinated the Capacity Building of Trainers of North Eastern Institute of Folk Medicine in documentation and assessment of local health traditions
4. Established a network of state level folk healers’ associations across 15 selected states of India
5. Spearhead team member for the establishment of 14 community owned enterprises across 7 states of peninsular India
6. Lead Team member for the establishment of more than 2 lakh Home Herbal Gardens across 7 states of peninsular India

I am interested to engage with students, young people interested in designing and executing innovative educational and outreach programs related to Health and Livelihood Security targeting following audiences:

1. Traditional Community Health Practitioners
2. Health NGO workers, ASHA workers and Housewives
3. Community Members including farmers, NTFP gatherers, women entrepreneurs

Some of my important publications:

• Maarten Bode, G. Hariramamurthi, Integrating folk healers in India’s public health: acceptance, legitimacy and emancipation, eJournal of Indian Medicine, Volume 7, 2014, p. 1-20
• Unnikrishnan Payyappallimana, G. Hariramamurthi, Local Health Practitioners in India – Resilience, Revitalization and Reintegration, Medicine, state and society- Indigenous medicine and medical pluralism in contemporary India V. Sujatha and Leena Abraham, Orient Blackswan, New Delhi, 2012
• Payyappallimana, U., Hariramamurthi, G., Wim Hiemstra 2010 Celebrating Healing Heritage, Summary of the Proceedings of International Healers Exchange and Conference on Traditional Medicine for Sustainable Healthcare, Bangalore, India, 8-22nd Nov 2009 jointly organized by Department of AYUSH- Govt.of India, FRLHT, Compas, UNDP Equator Initiative and UNU-IAS
• Payyappallimana, U., Hariramamurthi, G., Wim Hiemstra 2010 Policy Brief on Traditional Medicine – Legal Recognition of Traditional Health Practitioners, Department of AYUSH- Govt.of India, FRLHT, Compas, UNDP Equator Initiative and UNU-IAS (Policy Brief).
• Raneesh, S, Abdul Hafeel, Hariramamurthi G & Unnikrishnan P.M 2008 Documentation and Participatory Rapid Assessment of Ethno-veterinary Practices in Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge (IJTK), Vol. 7(2), pp. 365-370
• Hariramamurthi, G, Unnikrishnan P.M 2008 Home Herbal Gardens – put primary health care on everyone’s doorstep, Endogenous Development Magazine, Leusden: Compas, No.2
• Unnikrishnan PM, G. Hariramamurthi 2007 Reviving Local Health Knowledge for Self-Reliance in Primary Health Care LEISA, 23.3 Sep. ILEIA, The Netherlands
• Chapter on Home Herbal Gardens, a Novel Health Security Strategy based on Local Knowledge and Resources authored by G. Hariramamurthi, P. Venkatasubramanian, P.M. Unnikrishnan and D. Shankar in the book entitled “Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Policy and Public Health Perspectives”, edited by Gerard Bodeker, Gemma Burford, published by Imperial College Press, London, 2007
• Chapter on Health at our doorstep, G. Raju and G. Hariramamurthi in the book entitled “Challenging Indian Medical Heritage”, edited by Darshan Shankar and P.M. Unnikrishnan published by Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad, 2004

Email: g.hari@tdu.edu.in

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