Dr. Kumar SK


1. Assessment of documented EVP formulation with Ayurveda
2. Mainstreaming EVP – PG Diploma program with TANUVAS, completed 5 batches of around 50 veterinarians in PG Diploma.
3. MOU with ICAR, KVAFSU, KMF, NDDB for Research, Education and Outreaching program on EVP and Veterinary Ayurveda.
4. Organised 2 International Seminars on Veterinary Ayurveda
5. Development and promotion Kit (Product) for Mastitis
6. Reduction of antibiotics in dairy farming by our intervention with EVP and Veterinary Ayurveda.
7. Trained 330 Veterinarian, 150 LRP and 500 farmers in EVP and Veterinary Ayurveda.
8. Established International and National platform on Natural livestock farming.

I am interested to engage with PhD students, young people interested in designing and executing innovative educational and outreach programs related to:

1. EVP and Veterinary Ayurveda
2. One Health
3. Clinical Research
4. Dravyaguna Shastra
5. Ayurvedic Biology
6. Organic Milk production

Some of my important publications:

• Nair, M N B. N. Punnyamurthy. & Kumar.S.K 2015. Handbook on Ethno-veterinary treatment TDU, Bangalore
• Modules on Ethnoveterinary Practices.
• Kannada Handbook on “Jaanuvarugala Prathamika Aarogya mattu Oushadi Sasyagalu”.
• Nair, M N B. N. Punnyamurthy. & Kumar.S.K 2015. Ethno-veterinary treatment Guide. TDU, Bangalore (Malayalam)
• M N B Nair, N Punniamurthy Natesan, K Seethakempanahalli Kempanna 2015. Role of Ethno-veterinary Practices (EVP) in reducing antimicrobial resistance in livestock production systems: a field experience. Planta Med 2015; 81 – SL3C_06 DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1565325 (Abstract)

E-mail: dr.kumar@tdu.edu.in

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