Genesis of TDU

TDU has evolved from 24 years of pioneering work of the Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT). All the programmes seeded during 1993-2014 by FRLHT have been adopted by TDU and are today being expanded. TDU thus inherited legacy of 24 years of nation building achievements of FRLHT which are outlined below:

1. TDU houses the country’s only national herbarium and raw drug repository of the medicinal plants of India.
2. TDU is a national centre of excellence of the ministry of Environment, forests and climate change (GOI). It has technically supported since 1993,the state forest Departments across the country, to establish the world’s largest network of 108 medicinal plant conservation areas (MPCAs), located in all the major forest types. Each MPCA is around 200 Hectares and conserves wild populations and Gene pools of the medicinal plants diversity of the country.
3. TDU has designed and developed India’s most reliable Database on the Medicinal Botanicals of the country, including their geographical distribution and traditional pharmacopeia with references from 1500 BC to 1900 AD.
4. TDU supports the country’s only grassroots network of village based traditional healers, across 17 states and works in partnership with the Quality Council of India (QCI) for their Certification and accreditation.
5. Since 1995, TDU has been developing the first “Ayurveda Biology research centre “in an institutional setting. This centre researches on translational problems like safe drinking water, metabolic disorders, and neurology.
6. TDU has inherited FRLHT’s clinical research and education centre in the form of a pioneering 100 bed Integrative healthcare hospital on its campus, to demonstrate contemporary relevance of the Ayurveda knowledge system.