D K Ved

D K Ved IFS is former director FRLHT and retd APCCF J&K. He is currently Emeritus Professor and Head, Centre for Conservation of Medicinal Resources at the University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology, Bengaluru.

He has led and guided the design and development of:

  • the application of IUCN criteria to identify threatened medicinal botanicals at State levels, through the rapid threat assessment method called CAMP (advocated by IUCN) for 20 States of India.
  • In-situ Conservation Program of wild Medicinal Plants Resources in India (through MPCA-Medicinal Plants Conservation Area network). This has been a cost effective strategy currently under implementation in more than 100 forest sites across the country.
  • India’s only comprehensive database on 6580 species of medicinal plants of the country, from referenced medical literature including ethno botany and ethno medicine sources, with accurate correlation between vernacular, Sanskrit and botanical names. A subset of this database pertaining to traded medicinal botanicals has now been adopted by the National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB) Government of India.

Among his original publications are:

  • National survey for assessment of Demand and supply of medicinal plants in India.
  • Distribution mapping of wild Indian medicinal plants (more than 2400 species) and Eco-geographical mapping of high priority species using GIS.
  • Reassessment of Demand and Supply of medicinal plants in India, in collaboration with ICFRE, during 2015-17 (supported by NMPB).

Mr. D K Ved is the recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award, conferred on him by the National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB), Government of India.

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