Dr. Navin Sharma

Dean Research

Director Research: AIFT, Amity University, Noida
Programme Director: Biofuels, World Agroforestry Centre, Nairobi
Chief Scientist: ITC Ltd, Bangalore
Principal Scientist: Hindustan Unilever Research, Bangalore

PhD: University of Cambridge (U.K.)
Post Doc: University of York (U.K.)

Over 50 publications in peer reviewed journals, 2 Books, several book chapter
Over 36 Patents

Navin worked as Director (Biofuels) with an International organisation – World Agroforestry Centre, a part of CGIAR, and developed solutions for stated and unstated needs of small holder farmers on Foods and energy security and improving the livelihoods. He was also the leader of cluster of activity CoA 5.3 of phase II of CRP Forest Trees and Agroforestry (FTA) in CGIAR. He was the architect of a global programme using agroforestry systems and addressing the livelihood / sustainability challenges – demonstrated such system in three continents such as Asia (India), Africa (Kenya) and Latin America (Brazil). He was also an observer at GBEP (FAO) and was invited speakers at many international conferences.

At Unilever, using research skills in biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology Navin was responsible for 3 major re launches in Beverages category and led some international projects with countries such as U.K., Kenya and Japan. Navin has 10 international patents granted in US and European Union from the work carried out at Unilever and ITC. He was also a science area leader in Biochemistry / Biotechnology working on metabolic engineering of tea. In addition, at least 16 patents full specifications have also been filed. Another 10 patent applications are pending with the lawyers. At ITC, as Chief Scientist he was part of Research Management Committee which took strategic decisions on building research capabilities, strategic hires, intellectual properties etc. As the Chief Scientist of Corporate R&D, he led a team of number of internationally trained scientists at ITC to actualize the company’s vision of ‘convergence’ to develop technologies to help 5 major businesses of ITC. Navin was responsible for setting up Agri and Bioscience R&D at ITC. He also defined R&D programmes for Skin Care and Functional foods and built capability at ITC. He was responsible for carving out a strategy on functional foods by distinguishing Indian population genetics and creating a group to address this specifically.

Navin led many international and Indian projects with CSIRO (Australia), CSIR (South Africa), EMBRAPA, Brazil, KeyGene, The Netherlands, FuturaGene, Israel, IISc and UAS Bangalore.

He has also been a Keynote speaker at various international fora such as Bio 09, Bio Asia, Biocrats, Molmed, GBEP, World Agroforestry Congress, IEA, IRENA and chaired session in several international conferences.

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