• Centre for Holistic Nutrition

  • Centre Head

    Dr. Gurmeet Singh

  • About the Centre

    The Center for Holistic Nutrition engages in translation research to bring together molecular understanding of nutrition with Ayurvedic principles, systemic understanding of food and its customization based population traits or ‘prakritis’.  The trans-disciplinary knowledge generated through this holistic approach is aimed at creating the next wave of nutritious, low cost foods that can impact health of millions.

  • Mission & Vision

    • Healthy lives through healthy kitchens - social transformation through food innovation inspired by Ayurveda, Natural and Social Sciences and Technology.
    • Inspire minds to design and execute socially impactful food research, food education and innovative outreach programs in food & health and create the next generation of food experts.
  • Objectives

    • Generate new scientific knowledge about the ingredients, processes, flavours, biology of nutritious foods derived from principles of Ayurveda
    • Create the next wave of nutritious foods for the masses
    • Share findings about health foods and nutrition with both professionals and laypersons through workshops and innovative education programs

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