Learning for Life

Nature is multifaceted. Learning is non-linear. Recognizing this, the  Institute of Transdisciplinary Health Sciences & Technology (TDU) is committed as a University, to promote inter, multi and trans disciplinary perspectives in every domain  with an aim to make learning more holistic, enjoyable and thus  improve learning outcomes for its students.

TDU only offers programmes which are of contemporary relevance, and cutting edge. We prepare students and scholars to have an uncommon advantage compared to their peers because of our emphasis on experiential learning and competency based evaluation. The University imparts its programmes using practical, application-oriented approaches.  All programmes are designed and delivered by faculty who have track record of research and application and not merely class room teaching. The faculty consists of persons drawn from a range of organizations including reputed research centers, the United Nations agencies, Universities, Non-governmental organizations, industry and eminent professionals.


Education with a difference

TDU was established as an innovation centered University focused on designing and delivering student-centric educational programmes focused on emerging and futuristic needs. A first of its kind in India, TDU’s uniqueness stems from the fact that while the University itself has core strength in Ayurveda-Biology, Clinical medicine, Medicinal plants systematics, Plant Genomics, Data Sciences, Local Health Traditions, Theoretical Foundations of Ayurveda, Traditional Knowledge informatics and Manuscriptology, it has institutional academic relationships with outstanding knowledge partners in fields like Design (Srishti), Ecology and Environment (ATREE), Bioinformatics (IBAB), Conservation of Coastal, Marine and Mountain Ecosystems (Dakshin Foundation), Biological Sciences (NCBS-TIFR), Stem Cell Biology (InStem), Inter-disciplinary Studies (NIAS), Cinema (Suchitra), Public health (IPH), Education and Pedagogy (Poorna), Medical Research (SJRI), and Policy Studies (Takshashila). Thus, the TDU ecosystem has the capacity to offer programmes that combine subjects related to natural and social sciences, design, cinema, education, health sciences, conservation and fine arts.


Setting new standards

TDU uses a unique technology enabled, learning platform through its collaborative relationship with Xceler to deliver courses. This platform supports experiential learning, competency based assessments, internship options for students to undertake projects in community settings as well as national and international organizations. The University is thus aiming to set new standards for higher education and research.



Institute of Transdisciplinary Health Sciences & Technology (TDU) aims to lead innovation in learner centric higher education in order to nurture responsible young citizens who will feel inspired and confident to contribute to   sustainable social transformation in various domains.



To provide unique, innovative and quality transdisciplinary education, with a focus on the use of modern technology and inventive research programmes, that is affordable, scalable and sustainable for lifelong learning, growth, prosperity, health & happiness for all.

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