Nature is multifaceted and learning is non-linear, which is why curriculum as well as the approach to the discipline of learning should follow the same.
Institute of Transdisciplinary Health Sciences & Technology (TDU) was established as a University with an aim to innovate, design and deliver educational programmes that impart a holistic education to improve learning outcomes for students.

Learning for Life

TDU offers programmes with an aim to make learning rewarding and preparing students and scholars to have an uncommon advantage compared to their peers. All programmes are designed and delivered by expert faculties both national and international. TDU is envisioned as a federated University whose programmes will be supported by a range of expert organizations including the United Nations agencies, Universities, Non-governmental organizations, industry and expert individuals.


Education with a difference

TDU was established as an innovation centered University focused on designing and delivering innovative educational programmes using approaches that offer cross cutting disciplinarity, experiential learning and futuristic positioning of students. A first of its kind in India, TDU’s uniqueness stems from the fact that all its programmes combine subjects related to science, arts, economics, engineering, management, law and society.


Setting new standards

With an emphasis on continuous learning, the University imparts its programmes using practical, application-oriented approaches. Using a uniquely designed learning platform to deliver courses, the University combines a series of learning and evaluation methods providing enough room for innovation in teaching as well as learning. With direct work experience options for students who undertake their projects in national and international organizations, including the United Nations, the University is aiming to set new standards for tertiary learning and research.



Institute of Transdisciplinary Health Sciences & Technology (TDU) aims to lead innovation in higher education so as to provide opportunities for students & scholars, make them responsible citizens and prepare them for a sustainable transformation.



To provide unique, innovative and quality transdisciplinary education, with a focus on the use of modern technology and inventive research programs, that is affordable, scalable and sustainable for lifelong learning, growth, prosperity, health & happiness for all.