Visual Identity

Our Logo


The official logo of the Institute of Transdisciplinary Health Science and Technology (in short referred to as TDU) has two components: the seal and the university’s name. The university logo is the root of the university’s visual identity. Using the logo in a consistent manner is essential for visual coherence and maintaining the strength of TDU’s brand. Given its official — even ceremonial — character, the logo is not appropriate for all applications (e.g., for highly informal communications). Careful consideration should be given to the logo’s suitability for each intended use.

Please request authorization to use the logo, logotype or the seal of TDU or the marks of any of TDU’s schools or groups from the business development team. If you have a custom logo request outside of the core visual identity, please contact the business development team at

The TDU Seal


The TDU seal—-symbolizes the sound (mantra) “AiM” in Sanskrit, which is the beejakshara (seed letter) for Knowledge. The sound “AiM” evokes Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom and learning.



Calibri is the official typeface for the Institute of Transdisciplinary Health Science and Technology (TDU).


The university has two official colors, known as TDU Blue and FRLHT Green. The “TDU blue” creates a sense of security while demonstrating professionalism, trust, authority and loyalty. The “FRLHT green” is the color of nature which gives a calming effect while representing growth, healthy living, renewal, plentiful and harmony. These colors have become a recognizable identifier for the university.

Color is a powerful tool that provides a quick means of identification. TDU maintains an impressive amount of brand equity in our recognizable color scheme. Consistent use of these colors will provide a common link among TDU and its many Schools and Groups.

Primary Colors

The University has two official colors;

TDU Blue FRLHT Green
Pantone Solid Coated 7683 C,
CMYK 83, 55, 0, 0,
Hex #426da9,
RGB 66, 109, 169
Pantone Solid Coated 364 C
CMYK 71, 4, 100, 45,
Hex #4a7729,
RGB 74, 119, 41

Web Templates

All university schools, groups and other units are encouraged to build their websites using the university’s web templates and help create an enterprise-level content management system, unless the unit has a specific business reason for doing otherwise (e.g. the unit has a custom web application). TDU is working to standardize WordPress as the web platform. To begin the process of creating a new website or to migrate an existing site into the university’s web templates, please contact the Web Services team at

Powerpoint Templates

The two PowerPoint templates available for download reinforce TDU’s core visual identity and allow for customization. Please choose from the university’s color palette and approved typefaces when building your presentation.

Generic_Template White_Template

E-Mail Signatures

E-Mail signatures are an important visual representation that highlights the person

  • Font: It is known that some fonts are easier to read than others. Simple fonts like Calibri are easier to read on screens than more complex script and cursive fonts.
  • Font Color: Black type is the most legible and recommended text color for most part of a signature. Important brand colors should be reflected especially for the name of the institution and its tag line.
  • Images: Different e-mail clients process images in different ways; including an image in a signature runs the risk that a recipient receives that image as an e-mail attachment instead. Images may also hinder e-mail delivery performance and increase overall e-mail storage quotas when compounded. Hence TDU does not encourage using of signatures with images.
  • Final Touches: Any other information included in a signature can lengthen the signature (and the e-mail), making it more difficult to process and/or print, and may distract from the professionalism and clarity of the e-mail.
  • Template: The proposed template for creating University e-mail signature is presented below;
  • Name
    Designation & Position

    School Name
    TransDisciplinary University
    P +91-80-28568708 | M+91-12345-12345
    Revitalizing India’s Medical Heritage