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Srishti, is a private design college set up in 1996 as a not-for-profit organization by the Ujwal Trust, (An educational trust). The Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology is a visionary, experimental and curatorial institute of media arts and sciences, that offers art and design education at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Srishti, as an institute, seeks to pull together the latest art, craft and design ideas and practices from around the world and contextualizes them in the emerging Indian context, thus producing small and large innovations that can help understand, communicate and resolve some of the contemporary questions, issues and concerns facing society and culture through design.

The primary mandate of Srishti is to provide a professionally oriented education in art, design and technology through courses taught by industry-experienced faculty. These courses are built upon broad-based foundation studies in the liberal arts, in an environment of creativity and maximization of individual potential.

Srishti has the experience in implementing research programmes leading to a PhD degree for those who have a Master’s degree in areas of art, design, technology and social sciences including but not limited to Masters’ degrees in Design-Led Innovation, Earth Education and Communication, Heritage Design, Planning and Management, Human Centered Design, Industrial Arts and Design Practices, Information Arts and Information Design Practices, Public Space Design, Strategic Design and Brand Leadership, Contemporary Art Practice, Creative Documentary, Digital Media Arts, Experimental Media Art Practices, Urban Design, Sustainability and Conservation, Aesthetics and Visual Cultures, Digital Humanities, Knowledge Systems and Practice, Land and Livelihood Studies, Public History and Heritage Interpretation, Screen Studies, Design in Education, Experience Design, Impact Entrepreneurship, Oral History and other related areas.

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