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Suchitra Academy is the parent organization for four different branches: Suchitra Kala Kendra for literature, music, dance and language studies ; Suchitra Baljagat for children ; Suchitra Madhyama Kendra for discussions and events related to media and Suchitra Centre for Film and Drama which is a post – graduate school and a training centre for moving – image media and the performing arts.

Suchitra has found engaging and innovative platforms for the regular conduct of literary and cultural discussions with events like “Sahitya Sanje” which are literary evenings with its main focus being Kannada Literature. The fortnightly discussions – “Kannada Chintane” traces the history and development of the Kannada language. They also conduct monthly lectures that re-visit Indian classical texts with a fresh perspective.

The development of awareness and involvement in good cinema and quality art and culture is one of the main ambitions of Suchitra. The society is a provider of all forms of art and culture accompanied by award winning movies and quality entertainment for all members. Their future plans include expanding the current activities of society in a meaningful manner. Development of infrastructural activities are also of great importance.

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