Sealed quotations are invited from authorized dealers/suppliers for below mentioned equipment for FRLHT.

  1. Probe Sonicator (Quantity: 1)
    Specifications: Net power output: 120 watt and above, Compatibility to Indian standard electric supply,
    Frequency: min 20kHz and above, Digital timer, Microtip (tapered and stepped) compatible,
    Pulser settings for adjustable pulse on and off, Digital amplitude/intensity control,
    Elapsed time indicator, Display of wattage and joules, Overload protection, Compact design,
    Regular and timely service, Optional requirement – Programmable settings
    Note: Please quote for accessories (e.g. probes, jack, support stand, converter clamps, sound abating enclosure and tube holder) separately
  2. Biological Safety Cabinet/Laminar Air Flow (Quantity: 2)
    Specifications: Dimensions (working space 3*2feet, outer dimensions maximum 4ft*4ft)
    Biosafety Level 1 a nominal filter face velocity of 0.45m/s or 90fpm (+/- 10%)
    Horizontal Flow, Platform material – Stainless Steel, Laminated safety glass
    UV Light and fans with easy operation, Pullout UV Unit
    Regular and timely service, Easily available spare parts


Interested parties can send their quotations to

Purchase Department,
The Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT),
#74/2 Jarakabande Kaval, Post Attur via Yelahanka, Bangalore-560064.

The last date for sealed quotations to reach above address is November 10, 2018.

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