Master of Science – Computer Science


The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at TDU is a young, innovative, vibrant research based school expected to make important strides in transdisciplinary research, education and outreach.

Today society is dominated by data and information, extracting useful and actionable insights from the available data is highly interdisciplinary in nature. Exponential growth in production and consumption of data has created an unprecedented need for people skilled in planning, collecting, storing, retrieving and analysing data, to extract useful insights from the data available. These people are expected to have good analytical and problem solving skills along with domain knowledge that will help them leverage data science to guide strategic decisions in organisations or institutions.

With the advent of accessible technology, the amount of data created is growing exponentially. Hence data scientists are expected to build intelligent systems to manage, interpret, understand and derive key knowledge from big data sets.

How is this programme unique?

School of Liberal Arts and Science is offering a Masters Programme in Computer Science with specialisations in Data Science, Cyber Physical Systems, FinTech and Health Informatics – a two year programme designed to meet the needs of Bachelor Degree holders. The two year post-graduate programme will provide bright graduates an opportunity to explore the data driven society through a mix of experiential learning and classroom teaching. It will prepare students for a career in their chosen specialisation. The programme is designed to hone the learning skills of students through creative teaching techniques and hands-on workshops. Students can expect to launch a productive career in their chosen fields and become active contributors to the progress of society.

Structure of the programme

The programme is spread across four semesters culminating with students undertaking a project work or an internship plus dissertation in the fourth semester. This will prepare them for the job market as they complete the programme. We envision some projects to convert into successful start-up enterprises.

Initial focus of the programme will largely focus on building the foundation needed for all four streams along with electives in the specialization areas. Students will start working on an industry ready project as a group, to develop skills required for success in life and in the work place during the course of this semester. The semester will start off with advanced courses in Mathematics & Statistics, Principles of Programming Languages and NoSQL databases. The electives will give students the opportunity to explore the specialization areas.

The students will further progress in their chosen focus area with courses like Advanced data structures and algorithms, Design Patterns, File Systems and Distributed Computing. Combined with formal course work, students will get to choose from a bouquet of electives – all leading to experiencing the concepts they have learnt over the past 1 year. In addition they will continue to work on a project.

The last semester will culminate with the student undertaking a project or a dissertation.

Programme Partners

The faculty of TDU will be more of mentors to students and each of the subject will be delivered as modules handled by well-established global industry and academic partners.

Opportunities for students who will complete the programme

Students can look forward to careers in many different areas upon successful completion of the programme. These include careers in:

  • Data Science: Business Analyst, Risk Officers, Data Scientists in different domains (e.g. Policy Research, Psephology, Actuarial Science, Weather Forecasting and Climate etc.), Academic Research.
  • Cyber Physical Systems: IoT Engineers, Embedded Systems Developers, IoT Data Analysts, Academic Research. CPS is a fertile ground for start-ups with novel applications
  • FinTech: Analysts in Financial Industry, Technology Support Engineers for Trading Floor, Banks and other Financial Institutions
  • Informatics Industry: Health informatics, bioinformatics, genomics and others


Fees and Financial Assistance

For details, please refer the Brochure.

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