MScR Program Coursework


  1. Students admitted to the MScR Program are required to successfully complete coursework for a minimum period of one semester.
  2. The total required coursework load for students is 25 credits and should include;
    • atleast 4 credits course on Research Methodology that covers computer applications, qualitative and quantitative methods
    • a 3 credits course on transdisciplinary knowledge framework offered at TDU.
  3. The remaining 18 credits the student in consultation with his/her research supervisor can identify courses relevant to the major field of study.
  4. Students however may be required to take additional credits to enhance their academic skills like Literacy, library information, IT, Math, Personal Effectiveness, Communication and English writing skills based on the recommendation of the research supervisor and the MRC, depending on their competency gaps identified post coursework and during research work.
  5. The student with the assistance of the Research Supervisor and based on his / her level of knowledge in the subject area of research will present a coursework plan to the MRC before the commencement of his / her coursework.
  6. Only coursework attended after the date of the provisional registration shall count towards coursework credits. Students are advised not to repeat courses already done previously (degree or other coursework), unless there is a demonstrable higher level of learning or training in that course taken as part of the Bachelors degree Coursework.
  7. If coursework is not offered at TDU, the student may attend coursework in a Partner Research Institute or other institutes recognized by TDU or register for self-study courses, subject to the approval of the Research Supervisor. In such cases, the student shall obtain prior approval from the Research Supervisor and submit the grades obtained in these courses to the MRC along with their synopsis.
  8. Integrated Program: Students who are admitted to the program with at least four years of undergraduate study (Professional Bachelors Degree) and wish to upgrade to a higher degree of PhD while pursuing their MScR Program can apply for upgrade after successfully completing 18 months / 3 semesters of the MScR program and if;
    • the Student has completed all necessary coursework successfully;
    • completed atleast one year of their research work based on their statement of purpose;
    • presented a new extended statement of purpose about his/her PhD research question;
    • the new statement of purpose is recommended by the student’s Research Supervisor to the MRC;
    • based on the recommendation of the MRC, the DRC approves the upgrade of the Student to a full PhD program.
  9. Students who upgrade to the higher degree will not receive the MScR Masters Degree, but instead on successful completion of the higher degree of PhD will be awarded with a PhD degree.
  10. Students, whose application for upgrade is not accepted by the DRC, will complete their research work and submit their thesis for the award of the MScR degree.

Grading System

TDU follows the following grading system for its coursework.

Grade % Marks Scored Remarks Grade Point
A+ 90-100 Outstanding 10
A 80-89 Excellent 9
B+ 70-79 Very Good 8
B 60-69 Good 7
C 50-59 Satisfactory 6
F < 50 Fail 5


All students will be required to give at least 2 (three) seminars at TDU over the duration of their MScR Program. These will include;

  1. Synopsis defense – not later than 12 months from the date of provisional registration
  2. Final thesis defense – not less than 12 months from the date of confirmed registration