MScR Program Thesis


The thesis for research should be primarily driven by the student’s interest. Students are strongly encouraged to develop and pursue independent research questions for their MScR. The research supervisor and MRC members will serve as mentors who will help guide the student’s research. MScR students will be expected to contribute to grant proposals and also write short proposals to secure funding for their research. Grant proposals written by students should be submitted in consultation with the research supervisor and should follow the TDU guidelines for submission.

TDU promotes collaborative research and encourages students to collaborate with competent persons in other institutions both within India and abroad. TDU has formal/informal partnerships with several leading institutions in the country, thus enhancing the range of possible areas for student-driven research.

Submission of thesis

  1. Each Student for the award of the Degree of Master of Science by Research shall submit 5 (five) printed copies (including an electronic copy) of his/her thesis (in a prescribed format) to TDU not earlier than the prescribed minimum period and not later than the prescribed maximum period (or on expiry of the approved extension period).
  2. vThe student in consultation with his/her research supervisors will recommend a list of 3 potential examiners along with the submission of their thesis to the MRC.

  3. MRC will identify 2 (two) external examiners along with the Research Supervisor who serves as the internal examiner to constitute the “Board of Examiners” and then send them the thesis for evaluation.
  4. The two examiners will submit a detailed critique of the thesis. In the event of the examiner(s)are of the opinion that the thesis has failed to achieve the desired standard and recommends that the thesis can be accepted only after a revision, the student shall re-submit the thesis incorporating the revisions within a maximum period of three months from the date on which the student is informed.
  5. In case the thesis is completely rejected by an examiner, it will be referred to another examiner from the recommended panel. In case the thesis is approved by this examiner, it will be considered approved. In case the thesis is rejected by more than one examiner, it will stand rejected and shall not be referred to any other examiner(s).
  6. Students have to submit 5 (five) printed copies of the final thesis along with a soft copy as per the following guidelines, while submitting the thesis to TDU for evaluation.
    • Please use the required formatting style
    • The soft copy should be in both PDF and Word formats
    • The entire thesis should be included in a single document
    • The soft copy can be submitted in a CD or it can be submitted through email attachment or a digital drop box facility to administration office of MRC. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the thesis has reached the administration and the document opens without any problems by the administration computers.

Thesis defense

  1. The Student shall appear for a public defense of their thesis and oral examination only if the thesis is unanimously or by consensus, approved by the `Board of Examiners’ which includes the research supervisor and atleast one of the external examiners who has assessed the thesis.
  2. The topic, date and time of the open defense of thesis will be notified well in advance and also published on TDU’s website. The open defense will be conducted by one of the external examiners selected by MRC.
  3. At the oral examination, the Student’s general proficiency in the subjects allied to the field of his study shall also be evaluated.
  4. The response of the Student to questions, criticism and suggestions offered by the audience in the open defense will be taken into consideration. However, the final decision is solely that of the members of the `Board of Examiners’.
  5. The MScR defense and oral examination will be conducted at TDU’s campus.
  6. Written approval of the external examiner and research supervisor is required to be provided to MRC for the official notification of the MScR degree.

Publication of thesis

  1. “The Institute of Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology, India” name must be cited in all publications of Research by the student.
  2. TDU name must be cited in the front page of the thesis.
  3. MScR Students should publish a minimum of 1 (one) publications after the registration with TDU and before the submission of thesis.
  4. The full thesis shall not be published as a separate volume without the approval of the University. However students are encouraged to submit individual chapters or parts thereof, singly or in combination, for publication in reputed peer reviewed journals.
  5. The University may grant permission for the publication of the full thesis as a separate volume under such conditions as it may impose.
  6. All Intellectual Property (IP) Rights issues will be discussed with TDU after the registration of the student for the MScR program. In usual circumstances the IP is expected to belong to the institution where the student’s research supervisor works.
  7. Students admitted to the MScR program and receiving fellowships as part of PI projects will be required to execute a Confidentiality Agreement with the respective school to which the PI belongs.

Award of Degree

  1. The Student shall be declared eligible for the award of the degree of “Master of Science by Research”, only on the recommendation of the members of the board of examiners after successfully completing the final public defense of thesis and oral examination.
  2. In case the examiners are not satisfied with the performance of the Student in the above final defense, the Student shall be required to reappear for another oral examination after a period of two months provided such specific recommendation is made by the board of examiners.
  3. Students who qualify for the MScR degree shall be issued a provisional certificate of completion of the MScR program. The award of the official degree under the seal of the University and signed by the Vice Chancellor and Registrar shall be at any of the subsequent convocations held for conferring degrees.

Complaint Redressal

  1. Completing a Masters is a challenging task due to the short duration, and can often lead to tensions and occasionally friction between research supervisor and students, or between students and other faculty. Students are encouraged to deal with such situations openly, preferably by taking it up with the concerned faculty directly. They may also consult the MRC informally at any time.
  2. If however, the matter does not get resolved informally, the student may submit a formal complaint to the MRC.
  3. If the MRC finds prima facie merit in the complaint, it will refer it to a sub-committee for further investigation.
  4. The sub-committee will investigate the matter, including giving the student and concerned faculty a proper hearing, and submit its report ordinarily within one month of the complaint being filed, and at the most 2 months.
  5. The MRC will take the final decision in the matter and recommend appropriate actions, if any.

Plagiarism -Zero tolerance

Plagiarism is a serious matter and TDU will take strong exception towards any student indulging in acts of plagiarism. For further information on what constitutes plagiarism, and for guidelines regarding proper citation and acknowledgement of published work and of data available in the public domain, please visit