Ph D Program

PhD_HandbookScope of the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) program

Research in knowledge generation, dissemination and application in any topic related to “Trans-disciplinary sciences and technology”.

The definition of Trans-disciplinary (as per the Act)

The scope of the term Trans-Disciplinary is defined in the Institute of Trans-Disciplinary Health Science and Technology (TDU) Act as the Indian traditional health sciences and other systems of knowledge including; Biomedicine, life sciences, social sciences, environment studies, design, architecture, performing and fine arts, engineering and management and policy studies.

Therefore students from all disciplines implied in the definition are eligible to join the Ph D Program.

The nature of research encouraged in TDU

One of the key goals of TDU is the creation of new transdisciplinary / multidisciplinary / interdisciplinary knowledge in traditional health sciences, basic sciences, clinical, pharmacological, pharmaceutical, biomedicine, life sciences, environment studies, design architecture, performing and fine arts, engineering, technology, management and social sciences. Hence TDU encourages research related to knowledge generation, knowledge dissemination and knowledge application in these fields. Research related to knowledge generation is the conventional focus of research in most Universities. TDU, however, will also support research related to design of dissemination strategies including the use of information technology and also action-research related to knowledge application, through well designed experimental outreach programs.