1. Students admitted to the PhD Program are required to undergo a coursework for a minimum period of one semester.
  2. The total required coursework load for students is 32 credits and should include;
    • Atleast 4 credits course on Research Methodology that covers computer applications, qualitative and quantitative methods. (Students with MPhil degrees are exempted from this course.)
    • A 3 credit course on Transdisciplinary Knowledge Framework offered at TDU.
  3. The student can claim credits for graded laboratory rotations, workshops, Seminars and research work performance. All these credits will be evaluated and graded by the DRC or a committee set-up by the DRC.
  4. The student with the assistance of the Research Supervisor and based on his / her level of knowledge in the subject area of research will present a coursework plan to the DRC before the commencement of his / her coursework.
  5. Only coursework, seminar and research learning or experience attended after the date of the provisional registration shall count towards coursework credits.
  6. The coursework should to be successfully completed within a period of 12 months from the date of the provisional registration to the PhD Program.
  7. If coursework is not offered at TDU, the student may attend coursework in any institute / research lab or register for self-study courses, subject to the approval of the Research Supervisor and DRC. In such cases, the student shall obtain prior approval from the DRC and submit the grades obtained in these courses to the DAC as part of the final submission along with the DRC approval.
  8. Integrated Program: Student who join the PhD program with a Professional Bachelor’s degree (atleast 4 years of study like BE/BTech, MBBS, BAMS) have to successfully complete 64 credits of coursework in a minimum of 12 months and as specified by the Research Supervisor. The student’s subsequent research work will be governed by rules applicable to regular PhD students.

Grading System

TDU follows the following grading system for its coursework.

Grade % Marks Scored Remarks Grade Point
A+ 90-100 Outstanding 10
A 80-89 Excellent 9
B+ 70-79 Very Good 8
B 60-69 Good 7
C 50-59 Satisfactory 6
F < 50 Fail 5


All students will be required to give at least 3 (three) seminars at TDU over the duration of their PhD Program. These will include;

  1. Synopsis defense – not later than 12 months from the date of provisional registration
  2. Seminar to share research progress – not later than 36 months
  3. Final thesis defense