Fees and Costs – Ph D

The fees table below is applicable to all students.

Sl. No. Fee Description Domestic Students International Students
1 Application Fees Rs. 1,000 US$ 100
2 Registration Fees Rs. 10,000 US$ 1,000
3 Annual Tuition Fees Rs. 25,000 US$ 2,500
4 Trans-Disciplinary Framework Course Rs. 5,000 US$ 500
5 Thesis Evaluation Fees Rs. 10,000 US$ 1,000
6 Convocation Fees Rs. 2,000 US$ 200

Other Fees that the student should budget during the study depending on the research work the student undertakes are as below;

Sl. No. Other Fee Description# Domestic Students International Students
1 Annual Library Fees Rs. 5,000 US$ 500
2 Annual Hostel Expenses Rs. 90,000 US$ 2,500
3 Lab Fees (as per the Lab Rate card) At Actual At Actual

# A Refundable Security deposit of Rs. 5,000 will be required to be paid for each to Library, Lab and Hostel.

  1. For Project-based PhD students all expenses will have to be borne by the student and/or the project with the approval of the Research Supervisor /PI.
  2. TDU fellowship is offered only to students not receiving any another fellowship and such fellowship funding for that research work is available with TDU.