Heritage Amruth Magazine

Heritage Amruth is not just a magazine or an organisation. It believes that there is a design, purpose and use in every element of nature. It believes that there is an underlying science to most of our health traditions. It believes that we should build upon wisdom, not forget it; that we should live in harmony with nature, not fight it. It believes that every plant, every animal, every human being is a miracle. It believes in life.

Heritage Amruth is published by Medplan Conservatory Society. The Medplan Conservatory Society is a registered Society, engaged in activities for enhancing the public awareness about conservation and sustainable utilization of Medicinal Plants. It directs its efforts to educate the rural and urban communities about this issue and while doing so it has transformed the concerns into a range of educational materials in English, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam. In the last 10 Years these have been a huge success, prompting it to go for many reprints and revised editions.

The Medplan Conservatory Society is a publication wing of Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT).

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