About SCNR

Welcome to School of Conservation!

The School of Conservation of Natural Resources (SCNR) promotes research, education and outreach related to the conservation of medicinal flora, fauna, metals and minerals. Conservation and Augmentation of medicinal plant resources has been the focal domain of the School and pursued by three strategic dimensions – Conservation Action, Repository and Informatics on Medicinal Resources.

The school houses 4 (four) groups that includes;

  1. The Conservation Group (CNR)
  2. Indian System of Medicine Informatics and Theoretical Foundation Group (CII)
  3. Repository of Medical Resources (RMR)
  4. Herbal Gardening and Landscaping Services (HGL)

Some of the major achievements of this school are;

  1. Designed and coordinated implementation, in partnership with Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), GoI and State Forest Departments (SFDs) the tropical world’s largest in situ medicinal plants conservation program that consists of 110 Medicinal Plants Conservation Areas (MPCA’s) across 13 states in India.
  2. Established a National Bio-cultural Herbarium and Raw Drug Repository that preserves over 79% of the medicinal plants used in the Indian System of Medicine.
  3. Developed an illustrative multi-disciplinary National Information database cataloguing critical aspects of diversity, nomenclature, geographical distribution, medicinal usage, pharmacology, agro technology and trade of medicinal plants.
  4. Catalogued and digitized traditional knowledge encrypted in over 1,000 ancient medical manuscripts.
  5. Delivered various Education and outreach programs in conservation to help build informed and capable cadres of frontline forestry staff, senior forest offers, local communities, village level botanists and international groups.


D K Ved
Emeritus Professor & School Advisor