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Turmeric today is a food ingredient with global appeal. It has gone from the Indian kitchen to tea frappes, all the while retaining a golden aura of usefulness in maintaining health and combating illness.

Ashoka Tree: The Protector of Women’s Health

In the epic Ramayana, Ashoka Vatika is the place where was kept captive by the demon king Ravana, after her abduction from Dandakaranya forest. Goddess Sita refused to stay at the king’s palace, seeking instead to stay in Ashoka Vatika, under the Ashoka tree (Saraca asoka). Mythology also says that Sita was able to withstand her shoka (sorrow) because she was living under the A-shoka (without sorrow) tree.

सभी भावना अंगों के योग के रूप में “आहार”।

Author: Dr Somya Saxena, Sr Research Fellow, TDU

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