While outstanding people make an institution, the places in which they do their work have a profound effect on their ability to be exceptional. To do their best work, TDU faculty and students need facilities and spaces that foster collaboration, innovation and discovery.

Donations to support capital projects and facility renovation enhance student life as well as the research and teaching capabilities of TDU faculty. As technology rapidly changes, donations to modernize laboratory space and fund new equipment are also critical.

Being a new University, Infrastructure development is important for us to start and expand our research, outreach and education activities. Some of the areas where philanthropists can contribute in developing our infrastructure include;


Donate land in Bengaluru for the building of education and research facilities or in other places for study centers and outreach programs. In Bengaluru we need atleast 35 acres of land to house the University’s education campus, multiple tracts of land with a minimum of 1 acre for our medicinal plant nurseries, land holdings in Bengaluru as gifts to build endowment assets,


Donate or long term lease for free new or good condition existing buildings that TDU can use as classrooms, city offices, housing for faculty and students, admission centers, examination centers, study centers, research facilities or labs, etc.

Information Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) play a very important role in today’s higher education institutions as it supports teaching, learning, research and administrative activities of the University. Equipping our faculty with the “e-skills” required for being successful in a world of technological change and global competition is a major priority for us. Keeping pace with technology needs is no easy task today. Your support is needed to help TDU establish a state of the art data center, update existing computer equipments, deploy a University wide ERP, expand our Library Management System, create a Virtual Learning environment, develop a customized Hospital Information Management System, procure office productivity and other software needed for research, make the campus fully wireless and procure any technical infrastructure needed to enable a digitally connected campus.

Lab Equipments

We need new equipments. We use different kinds of equipments for our lab for experiments, testing and standardization. We know many of our well-wishers and friends of TDU work in research labs and aware of its importance in a research institution like ours; would you consider donating some of the lab equipments for the use of our students? This is simply because our students must be familiar with newer equipment as they go out into the work force and also because we want your gift to last as long as possible. One donation makes a difference for the entire program.

Hospital Equipments

We rely heavily on the generosity of our supporters, and we have a dedicated team of people who work closely with individuals, families, trusts and foundations who are able to donate gift; they can advise on tax efficient ways of giving, including donations and giving shares. Your generosity can help speed research from the laboratory to the bedside; train tomorrow’s clinicians; purchase leading-edge medical equipment and enhance the experience of patients.