Our Ambassadors

At the beginning of 2013, TDU was approved to be set up as a State Private University. Recently we have launched our TDU Ambassador program that includes our well wishers.

Our Ambassadors

Dr. Arunji Madhavan


E-mail: arunji.m@tdu.edu.in

Mr. Hari Khoday


E-mail: hari.k@tdu.edu.in

Mr. Namith Verma


E-mail: namith.v@tdu.edu.in

Code of Conduct & Responsibilities

Download this document to see what you can expect from our ambassadors.

Ambassadors’ Code and Responsibilities

Student Ambassadors

Over time select graduates from our University will liaise with prospective students, alumni, funding organizations, embassies, universities, the media and anyone else interested in TDU. So, if there’s anything about that you’d like to know, why not get in touch with one of our ambassadors listed above and find out from someone who has engaged or worked here and over time even from those who studied here to know what TDU is really like.