Why TDU?

Institute of Transdisciplinary Health Sciences & Technology (TDU) is one of its kind in India. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that all its courses combine subjects related to arts, economics, science, law and society. With a focus on continuous and experiential learning, the University offers all its courses with an aim to make learning rewarding by preparing students and scholars to have an upper hand over their peers.

With all of its course designed and offered by expert faculties that comprise of national and international experts, TDU is developed as a federated University whose programmes are supported by a range of expert organizations including the United Nations agencies, Universities, Non-governmental organizations and industry and expert individuals.

Aimed to provide an atmosphere of free and fair learning opportunities – not based on one’s economic background but intellectual inquisitiveness, the University offers opportunities to students with an interest and passion for learning, rather than examination based ranking systems. TDU offers its programmes using the most advanced, responsive and contemporary curriculum, designed by national and international experts that is imparted through modern education and learning tools making it a University that is truly innovative and revolutionary.