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COVID 19 has affected the whole world and for the first time, all of us together have been forced to change the way we operate in society.

Simple and effective advice to protect ourselves include washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining physical distance. These actions however, are external to our body. They seek to reduce or prevent contact with the virus.

“Is there a way for us to strengthen ourselves from the inside? By making our body strong enough to naturally fight infections and overcome ill-health?”

This study seeks to employ Ayurveda, our traditional Indian medical system, to improve and maintain health. In Ayurveda, Swasthya or health is not just the absence of disease; it has a deeper meaning. Swasthya is a state of being which is resilient; where both mind and body can withstand any perturbation, be it large like diabetes or small like a virus. In Ayurveda, there are detailed guidelines on everyday practices that will help an individual enjoy Swasthya.

“Nanna Usiru Nanna Swasthya” is an exploratory research program to understand if selected daily Ayurveda practices and yoga can help improve resilience and importantly, maintain good health.

This CSR project is funded by BOSCH and implemented by TDU. Funders have no role in study design, implementation or data collection.

About the Program


  • Execute a community-based study to understand the feasibility of Ayurveda-based practices and Yoga interventions to improve resilience and respiratory health of individuals.
  • Assess effectiveness of health ecosystem tools and delivery mechanisms for scalability.

Study location

  • 5 villages across Bidadi have been identified for the pilot study: Aralalusandra, B.Hosur, Bannigiri, Chowkahalli, H. Gollahalli.

Health ecosystem

  • Dedicated health officer and worker who will work one to one with each study participant to reach their health goals and follow doctor’s advice.
  • Digital platform for health professionals and yoga teachers to continuously monitor health of study participants.
  • Deployment of a digital tool “Wellness score” developed on the basis of health parameters described in Ayurveda to enable participants to evaluate their Swasthya based on non-clinical measures.

Study details

  • Recruitment of 250 health-seeking volunteers.
  • Health monitoring for 6-months.
  • Daily use of 3 Ayurveda-based products traditionally recommended for promoting resilience.
  • 3 funded visits to I-AIM Healthcare Hospital to undergo lab investigations and consult with a senior Ayurveda vaidya.
  • Receive personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations based on volunteers’ Prakruti and wellness score.
  • Receive personalised yoga training from experienced yoga teachers of Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram.

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Leadership Team

Program Lead & Field Co-ordinator Clinical Lead Clinical Lead
Dr. Prakash BN
Assistant Professor, TDU.
Dr. Poornima Devkumar
Assistant Professor, TDU.
Joint Medical Director, I-AIM.
Dr. Prasan Shankar
Medical Director, I-AIM.
Product Lead Technology Lead Communications Lead
Dr. Subrahmanya Kumar
Assistant Professor, TDU.
Mr. Varuna Subramanya
Scientist F, TDU.
Dr. Megha
Assistant Professor, TDU.
Principal Investigator
Dr. Gurmeet Singh
Professor, TDU.

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Field Team

Clinical Team

Product Team

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Project Updates

September 2021

  • Completion of wellness, quality of life and diet pattern questionnaires in field
  • Field office closed

August 2021

  • Visits of participants to IAIM for endline consultation, yoga advise, dietary assessment, medicines and products.
  • Field office medical visits facilitated for those unable to travel to IAIM
  • Release of product video: Tila taila

July 2021

  • Product feedback collected,
  • Medicines and product distribution.
  • SMS released.

June 2021

  • Release of yoga practice videos
  • 2nd round of tele-consultations.
  • Lockdown in Karnataka till 22 June. Field activities affected.
  • SMS released.

May 2021

  • 1st round of tele-consultations
  • Lockdown in Karnataka due to pandemic from 14 May onwards. Field activities affected.

April 2021

  • Product distribution
  • Field office operational

March 2021

  • ~250 volunteers visit IAIM Healthcare Center as study participants in batches of 18-30 per day.
  • Volunteers are assessed for clinical parameters, provided instructions on a kit for daily use and consult with a clinician as well as yoga teacher for personalised advice.
  • Training of clinicians to use the software platform.

February 2021

  • Field deployment of wellness questionnaire
  • Training of health coaches and doctors about wellness questionnaire
  • Recruitment of study participants.

January 2021

  • Registration of study with CTRI (CTRI/2021/02/031235)
  • Development of software features for field deployment
  • Training of health coaches

December 2020

  • Recruitment of Health coaches.
  • Institutional Ethics Committee meeting completed.
  • Community leadership engagement about project.
  • Community awareness flyer
  • Development and testing of back-end technology to support project logistics by Ayurmegh.

November 2020

  • Forms and protocol finalised
  • Institutional Ethics Committee meeting paperwork
  • Technology vendor finalised.

October 2020

  • Project leadership team constituted

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Project Communication

Short Video about the Programme

Video Credits: Vaishnav Menon and Goji, Motion Graphics Artist / 2D Animator

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Phone: 080 – 2856 8000 | 80503 47000

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