Fellowships at the Centre for Ayurveda Biology and Holistic Nutrition

  • Develop an In silico food design platform that integrates traditional and modern nutrition principles along with sensorials
  • Develop a traditional kitchen design for the modern home that inspires wholistic approach to cooking and life
  • Develop a validated Sensory & Ayurveda analysis methodology for foods
  • Research biomarkers for Rasa, Guna, Virya, Vipaka of dravyas and foods
  • Develop a ghee with improved fatty acid profile and enhanced flavor
  • Deconstructing & reconstructing traditional recipes to unravel design rules – understanding role of antioxidants during processing
  • Characterization of heat transfer of traditional food processing vessels
  • Temporal analysis of sensorials and their impact on preference and food design
  • Inclusive manufacturing in Traditional Foods – A small grower-producer approach
  • One stop R&D for Botanicals/Dravyas – Right Plant, Right Harvest, Righ Process, Righ Product: Authetication, Ingredient Quality, Sensory Delight, Efficacy
  • Be the R&D for kitchens of India – Mass (Mid-day meals, hospitals, college messes) & Home

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