Agnipath Yojana

World Taxonomist Appreciation Day – Talk by Dr Dhatchanamoorthy

FRLH herbarium, Centre for Conservation of Natural resources, TDU organised a talk in Tamil by Dr. Dhatchanamoorthy on his journey in the field of...   Read More

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating Women, whether professionally or personally, is a sense of commitment to each and every Woman in one's life.


Turmeric today is a food ingredient with global appeal. It has gone from the Indian kitchen to tea frappes, all the while retaining a golden aura of usefulness in maintaining health and combating illness.

Poop to the rescue?

Would you willingly introduce bacteria into your body? Well, that’s what microbiota transplantation is all about.

Ghee and Pippali (Recipe)

Recipe #2 - Ghee and Pippali

Trikatu (Recipe)

Recipe #3: Trikatu powder

Yastimadhu (Recipe)

Recipe #4: Yastimadhu

Golden Milk (Recipe)

Recipe #1: Golden Milk

Recipes from your masala dubba to manage infections

In Ayurveda, impairment of digestive fire (jathar-agni) and tissue metabolic function (dhatu-agni) are the root cause of all diseases, including those which caused by infections.

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