Genomics Catalyzing the Biological Research

Authors: Dr. Malali Gowda, Professor and Group Head, Centre for Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics   Sequencing the genome of an organism, or transcriptome of...   Read More

Citizens for Science

Authors: Hardik Panchal, Deepa Srivathsa Two years back, we came across a project known as “Season watch”, where documentation of fruiting, flowering, leaf flush,...   Read More

Effectively communicating science through Musical notes

Authors: Hardik Panchal, Deepa Srivathsa Two decades back, Forest Department of Karnataka, organized a program on conservation of nature (flora and fauna) that was...   Read More

Social Media for Science Communication

Authors: Hardik Panchal, Deepa Srivathsa The world has gone digital and scientific community is no exception. In recent times, there is tremendous outburst of...   Read More

Local Health Traditions and Primary Health Care

Authors: Dr. Sarin N S It has been estimated that over 80% of the world’s population depends on traditional healing systems as their primary...   Read More

Ayurveda Biology: Transcending Life Sciences

Author: Dr. C N Vishnuprasad Forging bridges between different disciplines is the path-breaking trend in innovation. A transdisciplinary approach, that takes us beyond the...   Read More

Ethics and Education

Authors: Dr. Balakrishna Pisupati, Dr. Sarin N S Introduction The role of education in an individual’s life is an area that has been open...   Read More

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