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Master of Science by Research

The Centre for Conservation of Natural Resources offers two MSc by Research Programmes.

1. MSc by Research in Conservation Future

Over 25 years of experience in the domain of conservation, our Centre come up with a unique Master programme in Conservation Future by Research (2 years). This programme students have greater scope to explore and opt their own interested research topic in the domain of inter-to trans-disciplinary research to solves the complex issues within the Conservation and Natural Resources Management.

Our curriculum framework focus to understand ‘change’ in the real world – what, why and how of change in the biodiversity space. Firstly, how to observe, secondly, how to categorize change, thirdly, on causality or correlation that explains the why of change and fourth is mitigation strategies to restore equilibrium caused by change. In addition to the four, there will be set of modules on “Tools” such as basic computer skills (Excel, Word, & PowerPoint etc.,), remote sensing & GIS, lab techniques and biostatistics using R and SPSS, which help to observe, categories and understand causes of change.

2. MSc by Research in Plant Systematics

This course in a need of the hour when the country has big shortage of trained plant taxonomists. The course syllabus is designed in such a way that it imparts the theoretical knowledge along with extensive field and practical exposure. Young minds who have deep interest in plant life, enjoy trekking, have keen eyes to identify minute plant characteristics and are interested in molecular studies and evolutionary biology should apply for this program.

Students may acquire knowledge and skills suitable for a wide range of applications and careers in government organisations, industry, research centres, museums and botanical gardens, NGOs and field based conservation organizations in India and abroad. The course will help students who want to engage in Ph.D/ research in areas like taxonomy, molecular systematics, ecology, evolution, or applied conservation.


The Centre also offers various short term training programmes. These are:

  • One day orientation program on Herbarium Techniques
  • Two days training program in Plant and Raw drug identification and Herbarium techniques.
  • Three days training on Medicinal Plants and Raw Drugs identification: using Macroscopy, Microscopy, Phytochemistry and Molecular tools

The training is conducted by in-house as well as invited subject experts. Each training course has limited number of seats so that the trainers can give qualitative time to each and every participant. Based on the need of the user groups, the training is made comprehensive and tailor made to meet their requirement.

Till date, State Forest Department, students and researchers from schools, colleges, ISM Institutions, Pharmacy colleges, research institution, herbal industries, CBO, NGO have attended the training programs conducted by CRMR. Accommodation is provided to the students in Gargi block-hostel compound, situated in the beautiful landscaped Institute campus itself.

We also develop custom based training programs for our stake holders based on their need and time.

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