CCNR Completed Projects

  • Preparation of database on Medicinal & Aromatic Plants of Chhattisgarh State
  • Study of Economically important Medicinal Plants of Pondicherry Region
  • Sustainable exploitation, Conservation, Cultivation and Marketing linkages for Medicinal plants of Andhra Pradesh
  • Market study of plant raw drugs for the selection of plant species to be raised by APFDC under the Vanaspathy Vana Programme in Andhra Pradesh
  • Centre of Excellence in medicinal plants & traditional knowledge – Establishment of National Herbarium on ISM
  • Strengthening the medicinal plant resource base in India in the context of Primary Health care projects.
  • Demonstration project for conservation and sustainable utilisation of medicinal plants biodiversity
  • Reproductive Biology and Conservation of a Monotypic, Endemic, Critically Endangered and Red Listed Medicinal Plant Species Janakia arayalpathra J.Joseph & Chandr.
  • Taxonomy, Distribution and Pharmacological studies on Agnimantha and Patala, Important Dasamoola group of plants in India
  • Road map to the Medicinal Plants of Goa
  • Systematics and Bio-prospection of a complex and economically significant medicinal genus Cinnamomum Schaeffer (Lauraceae) in the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu
  • Database of Flowering plants of Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu Biodiversity Conservation Greenery Project
  • Status and distribution of Paris polyphylla Smith & Panax pseudoginseng Wall. Medicinal plants in selected localities in Western Districts of Arunachal Pradesh
  • Comparative Phytochemical and Pharmacology studies of Medicinal Plant Substitute for Meda and Mahameda – Two Endangered Astavarga Drugs of Ayurveda
  • Preparation of Checklist of Threatened species for the State of Telangana
  • Develop Innovative tools, Techniques, and Methods to improve the harvesting of several important forest NTFPs in Shimoga District, Karnataka. Funded by USAID, under Forest PLUS programme in India.
  • All India Coordinated Research Project on Sacred Grove ecosystem service assessment – Evaluation of ecosystem services provided by sacred groves in selected locations in Kerala and Karnataka (N0. 22/17/2011 – SG/RE). Funded by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC).
  • Tribal Traditional Medicinal Plant Development. Funded by Directorate of Tribal Welfare, Government of Karnataka through Karnataka Forest Department.
  • Prioritisation of Medicinal Plants for Nagaland state. Funded by Nagaland Forest Department

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