Refresher Course on Multiomic Applications in Medicinal Plant Research

Monday, 19th February
Saturday, 3rd March

A refresher Course on “Multiomic Applications in Medicinal Plant Research” will be held at The Institute of Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences & Technology campus, Bengaluru,...   Read More

Training on Next Generation Genomic Technologies (Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics)

Monday, 8th January
Saturday, 13th January

Functional Genomics | Genomics Symposium – 1 (2017) Jointly organized by: TransDisciplinary University (TDU) Bengaluru Genomics Centre (BGC) Program Co-ordinators Dr. Malali Gowda, Professor,...   Read More

Special Webinar Series on Traditional Medicine and Community Health

Wednesday, 8th November
Wednesday, 27th December

Traditional Medicine (TM), in particular its non-codified streams of practice, known as Local Health Traditions (LHTs), in India have been progressively gaining policy as...   Read More

BLEND: Workshop on Transdisciplinary Approaches to Biodiversity Governance

Saturday, 4th November
Sunday, 5th November

“It was six men of Indostan, To learning much inclined, who went to see the elephant, though all of them were blind, that each...   Read More

Biomedical Research Methods Workshop Series

Monday, 23rd October
Friday, 15th December

The primary goal of these short term training programmes is to intensify the technical expertise of a student, researcher, industry professionals in the field...   Read More

National Symposium on Future of Functional Genomics

Friday, 13th October
Saturday, 14th October
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Programme and Speakers | Registration | Contact Details | Brochure | Partners Recent advancements in DNA sequencing have made enormous contributions to understanding the...   Read More

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