Advanced Ayurveda Dietetics – 30hr online course

Saturday, 18th December to Friday, 28th January 5pm - 6:30pm


18 Dec 2021 – 28 Jan, 2022
M, W, F, Sat; 5 – 6:30pm (24-25 Dec, 31-1 Dec, 14 Jan Holidays)

Course Objective

  • Introduction to physiology of digestion and metabolism in Ayurveda.
  • Food classification and nutrition concepts in Ayurveda.
  • Dietary management in Ayurveda for selected clinical conditions – lectures by practicing vaidyas

Course Logistics

  • All lecture recordings and PPTs will be shared. Lecture recordings cannot be downloaded. They will be available for the entire duration of the course and up to 2 weeks thereafter.
    PPTs will be available for download.
  • Pertinent articles and links to articles will be provided where possible. Material has been specifically blended to allow non-Ayurveda trained knowledge seekers to comprehend the content. Therefore, a generic textbook is not included.
  • Classes are expected to be discussion-based and hence, class size is limited to 20 participants only.
  • Enquiry based learning is encouraged, thus practicing nutritionists and dieticians are most likely to find the material more accessible.

Course Description

Module 1 – Physiology in Ayurveda

  • Swasthya – on overview
  • Panchabhutatatvas,
  • Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, Strotas in sharira (physical body)
  • Koshta, agni and ama concepts

Module 2 – Aaharviddhi

  • Rasapanchaka of dravyas
  • Ahara varga
  • Karana
  • Viruddha ahaar
  • Rasayana concept and foods

Module 3 – Ayurveda pathophysiology understanding and dietary guidance for diseases

  • Shadkriyakala
  • Malnutrition (over & under)
  • PCOS
  • Thyroid disorders
  • CVDs
  • Digestive issues
  • Joint pains/ arthritis
  • Cancer management
  • Healthy ageing and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Home remedies

Course Fees and Registration

Fees: Rs. 4500 + 18% GST per participant. Limited to 20 participants. Non-refundable.

Amount to Pay: Rs. 5310

Kindly 1) make the payment and then 2) register yourself for the course.

Account Name: UTD-HST General Fund
Bank Name: IDBI Bank
Account Number: 0694104000134705
Bank Branch: Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru-560064
IFSC: IBKL0000694, MICR: 560259014

Scan and Pay Online using UPI apps

After payment, register for the course, by CLICKING HERE.


  • Professional dietitians and nutritionists, who have been counselling patients or working in nutrition field for at least 2 years.
  • Entry restricted to those who have completed our “Introduction to Ayurveda Dietetics” online course.
  • If you are unclear of your eligibility please write to

Feedback from Nov 2020 Batch

“Really worth for time and money. We have learned a lot within.”
Practicing Dietician > 20 years

“The format of the whole course is very well planned. the journey into Ayurveda dietetics was smooth. Availability of videos and study material helped me a lot, I was confident that I can catch up with the class even if I miss a few. All the resource persons were excellent in their teaching. Tests and assignments helped me to implement and apply what I have learnt in a particular case/question. Thanks for sharing the knowledge of ayurveda dietetics. Looking forward to learn more from you all.”
Assistant Professor in Nutrition

“Reducing the number of days and not overshooting the class if possible. More case studies. Thank you for the opportunity to get the basics right. There should be an Advanced Advanced class to the Advanced class. :)”
Chief Nutritionist at FMCG Company

Course Output

Certificate. Assignments and quizzes should be completed and when indicated, submitted within the prescribed time limit.

Course Lecturers

Dr. Madhumitha Krishnan

Dr. Madhumitha Krishnan MD (Ayurveda)

Consultant with the Centre For Ayurveda Biology and Holistic Nutrition, TDU. She is an Ayurveda paediatrician and an Ayurveda dietetics educator. She has a special interest in educating mothers about the advantages of Ayurveda techniques in the care of newborn. Her research interests include management of children with Cerebral Palsy. Currently practicing in Bengaluru and author of several articles in the area of Ayurveda and food.

Dr. Subrahmanya Kumar

Dr. Subrahmanya Kumar MD (Ayurveda), Ph.D

Associate Professor at TDU. He has more than 14 years of research experience on various aspects of Ayurvedic concepts and plant drugs. He is interested in transdisciplinary research in Ayurveda Biology with the focus area of digestion and metabolism of nutrients, especially in the context of iron deficiency anemia.

Dr. Girish Kumar

Dr. Girish Kumar MD (Ayurveda)

Assistant Professor at Centre for Clinical Research and Education, TDU. As a clinician, Dr. Girish has expertise in wellness management and treating various health conditions using holistic approach of Ayurveda. As a teacher, he has expertise in developing innovative educational programs in the area of Ayurveda for layman, college students, and medical professions across the globe.

Course Co-ordinator


Megha PhD

Associate Professor at Centre For Ayurveda Biology and Holistic Nutrition, TDU.

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