3 Days Hands-on Training Workshop on Texturizing Vegetarian Proteins (TVP) by Extrusion Technology for Making Plant-Based Meats

Monday, 26th April to Wednesday, 28th April

Workshop Date

26th, 27th and 28th April 2021

Registration link

Click here to Register: https://forms.gle/duGnYz6oBJ6MsxD36

Workshop Overview

This workshop will use lectures and hands-on pilot plant texturized vegetarian protein manufacture trials to give the participants an understanding of how twin-screw extrusion technology can be used to transform various ingredients into value added plant-based meat products. 

The lectures will give the participants an overview of the texturized vegetarian proteins, raw materials  considerationsincluding technologies to create functional protein isolates & concentrates, nutrition considerations, regulations, and analytical technologies for plant based meat characterization & development.  The hands-on training will be on a Brabender TwinLab F-20/40 twin-screw extruder (made – Brabender GmbH & Co. KG, Germany) and will cover Dry TVP (Low moisture process) and Wet TVP (high moisture process).  The trials will includes playing around with various parameters like ingredients, process variables for product optimization which will expose the participants to process development principles and apply the thinking to conceptually design  various TVP-based food formats.



Workshop Day 1 – Topic / Activity

Theory – Introduction & Raw Material Considerations

  • 0.5 hours for PBM overview lecture
  • 1.5 hours for raw material optimization lecture

Practical – Setting up a twin screw extruder + Running it for a dry process ( 4 hours)

  • Demonstration: Brabender Twin-screw Extruder
  • Screw Configuration 
  • Setting-up of extruder for hot extrusion process
  • Dry TVP (Low Moisture Extrusion Process) manufacturing

Workshop Day 2 – Topic / Activity


  • 1.5 hours for texture, nutrition, regulations, white space opportunities lecture

Practical – Running it for a wet process ( 4 hours)

  • High Moisture Extrusion Process
  • Extruder setup for High Moisture process (wet TVP)
  • High Moisture TVP manufacturing
  • Evaluation and Discussion on Process Variables 
  • Post extrusion handling

Workshop Day 3 – Topic / Activity


  • 1.5 hours for texturization technologies lecture

Practical – Doing compositional changes and seeing how products (4 hours)

  • High Moisture Extrusion Process
  • Ingredient consideration
  • Functionality of raw ingredients and impact on extrudate 

Practical – Doing post processing and tasting ( 4 hours)

  • Evaluation and discussion on manufactured TVPs and the market samples
  • Plant-based Protein Food Product Development Opportunities



For Industry/Faculty: Rs. 12,000/-

For Students: Rs. 6,000/-

(Including 18%GST)

Hotel Info

Workshop registrants are responsible for booking their own hotel accommodations.  For those that need assistance, we will pre-block rooms at our campus Hostel. 

Campus hostel rooms are subjected to availability, for booking please contact Ms. Suganthi (9353768130).


Workshop Location

The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU), 

74/2, Jarakabande Kaval, Post Attur via Yelahanka, Bengaluru -560064

Or click here for Map Location


Certificate of Training will be provided to the participants.

Limited seats: 15 Participants only

*Last date for registration is 20th April 2021


Course Director

Dr. Gurmeet Singh
Prof. & Centre Head, TDU
Founder at Bev-Science Pvt Ltd & IoG Tea Club


Course Trainer and Coordinator

Abdul Mateen
Technical Expert (Extruder)
TDU, Bengaluru
Ph: 09738687274


Course Trainer

Siddharth Bhide
Science & Technology Specialist – GFI India
Ph: 9949598723


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