Dr. Prakash BN

Associate Professor
Centre for Local Health Traditions and Policy
Mail: bn.prakash@tdu.edu.in
Ph: 9066177480 Twitter: @DrPrakashBN

Dr. Prakash BN is a researcher focuses on traditional medicine & public health at Centre for Local Health Traditions and Policy. He has an experience of eighteen years as a part of developing and implementing community outreach programmes at TDU. He works in the area of local health traditions (LHTs) which is an undocumented, orally transmitted traditional knowledge. Documentation, assessment, evaluation and outreach of LHTs for public health issues, with a particular focus on primary health care, malaria, anaemia are key areas of research. Prakash’s research experience includes one and half year’s research work at INSERM laboratory in Paris, France. Currently, he heads the Personal Certification Body (PrCB) through which the traditional knowledge holders are legitimised. He also the member secretary for the Institutional Ethics Committee at TDU.


  • Outreach: Design & implementation of community-based studies
  • Research: Population trials, Traditional medicine validation, Program management
  • Teaching: Graduate & post-graduate students in subjects such as local health traditions, ethics in research, ethics committee

Current Interests:

Research Interest
Public Health, Community based studies, Traditional medicine.

  • Scientific validation and development of low-cost solutions for public health problems for example malaria, anaemia, diarrhoea etc.
  • Design and execution of innovative educational and outreach programs related to traditional medicine & primary health care

Ongoing Research Projects / Grants / Specific Research activities:

  • Project Coordinator: A pilot proof of practice project to learn lessons for design and execution of a scalable community health program for enhancing general immunity and respiratory health of individuals. Funded by BOSCH India Foundation.
  • Field coordinator: Impart nutritional education on Iron-Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) among tribal, rural residents of Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu: Leveraging Traditional Healers as Knowledge Partners. Funded by RIST.
  • Program Head: Voluntary Certification Scheme for Traditional Community Healthcare Providers.


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  • Second best oral presentation- Program on Basic understanding of yoga techniques and training in Neurophysiological techniques relevant to yoga research held at ICMR advanced research in Yoga & Neurophysiology (ICMR CAR Y&N), SVYASA, Bangalore; 2008

Membership of Professional Bodies/Committees:

  • Life Member, Indian Society of Malaria and other Communicable Diseases, 22-Sham Nath Marg, Delhi-110054.
  • Visiting Faculty, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mbarara, Uganda


  • Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mbarara, Uganda
  • Healers associations in Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu etc.

Positions Available:

  • Students looking for real-world experience are encouraged to apply for the community health internship with the CLHT&P. Intern will have the opportunity to engage in ongoing research projects to learn skills which are required to implement community-based research projects. Please email Prakash BN with your CV.

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