Dr. Ganesh Babu N M

Associate Professor
Centre for Conservation of Natural Resources
Mail: ganesh.babu@tdu.edu.in


  • Established Ethno Medicinal Garden with over 1500 spp. of medicinal plants collected from various bio-climatic/eco zones of India.
  • Developed propagation and nursery protocol for more than 700 species of medicinal plants including endemic and Red Listed Medicinal Plants.
  • Distributed about 1 million medicinal plants saplings all over India for establishing ecosystem specific home/school/institution herbal gardens.
  • Developed gardening and landscaping techniques using native medicinal plants.
  • Conducted many outreach programs for households, school children and general public regarding the utility and the conservation of medicinal plants.
  • Created awareness among nurseries and landscape architects to use medicinal plants

I am interested to engage with PhD students, young people interested in designing and executing innovative educational and outreach programs related to:

  1. Introduce wild medicinal plants in the regular landscapes with their authentic benefits for the lives and environment.
  2. Taxonomy of angiosperms with special reference to medicinal plants.
  3. Research on Interior gardening using medicinal plants.
  4. Plant animal Interactions with reference to socio-economic and ecological benefits.
  5. Floristic investigations.
  6. Ethnobotany and importance of vernacular names of plant species.

Some of my important publications:

  • Ganesh Babu N.M., Geetha Suresh and K. Haridasan. “Secrets of Ethnomedicinal Gardens”. Centre for Herbal Gardens and Landscaping Services, Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Bangalore. (with a front page message by Hon’ble Minister Shri. Jayaram Ramesh)
  • Radha Eshwar, Ganesh Babu N M, “Herbal Gardening Heals” a manual for Horticulture Therapists.
  • Ganesh Babu, N.M., Jyosna R. N. Dessai. K. Ravikumar, and N. Rama Rao. Impatiens mysorensis Heyne ex Roth (Balsaminaceae), a little known endemic from Karnataka. Phytotaxonomy 7: 83 – 88. 2007.
  • Ganesh Babu, N.M., K. Ravikumar, R. Vijaya Sankar, D.K. Ved and R. Ganesan. On the distribution and ethnobotany of Peucedanum dhana var. dalzellii (Apiaceae), a little known endemic from southern India. Ind. J. Forestry 30(2): 167-170. 2007.
  • Winfred D. Thomas, N.M. Ganesh Babu, Utkarsh Ghate and K. Ravikumar. Sustainable harvest of medicinal plants – an initiative in Southern India. Indian For. 131(3): 397-409. March 2005. (This article was awarded the best scientific article with Schlich Prize in the year 2005).

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