Dr. Gurmeet Singh

Professor and Centre Head
Centre for Ayurveda Biology and Holistic Nutrition
Mail: gurmeet.singh@tdu.edu.in
Ph: 8884000817 Twitter: @teascientist

Gurmeet is a scientist, inventor and innovator with 25 years of experience of working in academia & food industry Research & Development. He has a strong interest in working on ‘food first’ solutions for health and wellness problems relevant to society & environment sustainability.

Currently he is Professor and Head of Centre for Ayurveda Biology and Holistic Nutrition where he researches end-to-end ‘food first’ sustainable solutions for health and wellness problems relevant to society & environment. His research spans food analytics, developing functional foods for nutrient deficiencies like iron, metabolic health, and brain health, texturized vegetarian proteins, post-harvest processing for value addition to edible botanicals and creating livelihood generating technologies for social entrepreneurship.

Gurmeet also runs a food and beverage start-up company which focuses on products for ‘goodness’. He runs a tea club called ‘Infusions of Goodness’.

Gurmeet has 25 patents filed, 20 publications published, 1 book edited. He is also keenly interested in teaching and developing curricula for the future and has taught many courses and delivered many workshops over his career. He has also spent 2-years voluntary teaching science to 7th-grade children in a Kannada medium school on Saturdays.

Gurmeet won the of Best Teacher Award at Penn State (1997), Best Patent Award Unilever (2005), Unilever Global Compass Award for Innovation (2013), Chairmans Award for Tea Category (2018).

Gurmeet has a B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University USA. He spent 4 years in academia as a Faculty of Biochemical Engineering at Penn State & IIT Delhi and 20 years in Unilever where he was the global R&D Director for disruptive innovation in his last role. He was adjunct professor at National Institute of Advanced Studies (2018-19) and continues to be one at Indian Institute of Plantation Management (2018 to present).


  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Food Processing & New Product Design
  • All things Tea
  • Functional Food Design
  • Teaching

Current Interests:

Research Interest

  • Food Analytics & Developing an Integrative Nutrition Database,
  • Mass Personalization of Nutrition,
  • Post-harvest botanical processing for value addition
  • Functional food design, Process Science & Tech,
  • Texturizing Vegetarian Proteins

Education Interest

  • Integrative Nutrition, Database & Analytics for Mass Personalization
  • Contemporizing Traditional Functional Foods – Idea to Market;
  • Unit operations in Ayurveda food processing
  • Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives kitchen connects

Ongoing Research Projects / Grants / Specific Research activities:

  • RIST Program in Holistic Nutrition
  • BOSCH Program in Personalized Nutrition


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Team Members:

  1. Dr. Abdul Mateen
    Research Topic:
    Effect of post-harvest processing on phytochemistry, nutritive value and functional benefits of Curcuma longa (Turmeric) & Development of process to manipulate these in a controlled manner to design a turmeric based consumer products
  2. Dr. Deepshikha Kataria
    Research Topic:
    Effect of ghee processing methods on development of flavor, Cholesterol oxidation and fatty acid profile of Indian Milk Fat /Ghee
  3. Dr. Prathima CL
    Research Topic:
    Study on the effects of processing on the bioburden, nutritional profile, organoleptic characters and phytochemical composition of selected Indian botanicals
  4. Dr. Shridevi Gothe
    Research Topic:
    Development of iron rich functional food with superior bio-assimilation – Product design strategies and process development
  5. Dr. Vinutha Rao
    Research Topic:
    Testing the effect of integrative dietary interventions on improving body’s glucose tolerance
  6. Dr. Jagadeesh Banda
    Research Topic:
    Characterisation of Polyphenol Profiles of Food Ingredients Occurring in Panduroga formulations and standardisation of their extracts in context of iron deficiency anaemia
  7. Mr. Manoj Mathpati
    Research Topic:
    Processing of Ayurveda greens to preserve their organoleptics & nutritional properties
  8. Mr. Subham Barman
    Research Topic:
    Design of functional food for iron-deficiency anemia
  9. Mr. Vinayagan
    Research Topic:
    Development of an integrative nutrition database and food analytics
  10. Ms. Juhi Kaushik
    Research Topic:
    Development of an integrative nutrition database
  11. Ms. Anuja Thaplyal
    Research Topic:
    Design of functional foods and their molecular characterisation
  12. Ms. Priyanka Pinto
    Research Topic:
    Validation of efficacy of a functional food for iron deficiency anemia using CaCo2 model system

Positions Available:

  • PhD and MS students are welcome.

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