Sathya Sangeetha

Assistant Professor
Centre for Conservation of Natural Resources

Sangeetha is a botanist (specialization in Taxonomy) and passionate about GIS, understanding and mapping the patterns of medicinal plant Species Distribution / Phytogeography and its ecological factors across India. I am privileged to be mentored and guided by Late Shri D.K. Ved, I.F.S who has initiated GIS mapping in FRLHT-TDU from 2003 onwards with Dr Vijay Barve under CoE MoEF program, we as a team of trio developed Geographical Distribution Digital ATLAS of Prioritized Indian Medicinal Plants (1900 sps), output was later disseminated in ENVIS & BHUVAN portal. During this period I have worked to create Ecogeographic distribution maps of 350 Rare, Endangered, Threatened Medicinal Plants of various biogeographic zones of India to inform and guide conservation action programs. Created specialized maps developed for traded species tracing the Backward linkages/potential sources of availability of traded medicinal plants/botanicals/substitutes and adulterants. In 2012 we extended our expertise on medicinal plants & GIS to the health sector to build, HD kote taluka level geospatial portal for management of primary health care collaborating with KSRSAC, Bangalore for the Dept. of AYUSH. Guiding and Mentoring Programmers and Research Fellows, Functioning as PI and Co PI for research projects with the above capacities.

I am interested to expand and deepen transdisciplinary research connecting medicinal plants and Geospatial capacities through research, training and outreach programs and strengthen the institutional goals. Inviting PG,UG,BE,BCA,MCA students for internship who are interested to explore ad learn in these areas.


  • Taluka Pharmacopeia’s for rural India, web portal for HD kote launched on 3rd APRIL 2021
  • Species Distribution and Ecogeographic Mapping.
  • Backward linkage Mapping of Traded Medicinal Plants (Adulterants & Substitutes).
  • Geospatial Databases (open source tools)
  • Project Management, Collaborations.

Ongoing Research/Education/Outreach Projects:

  1. Assessment of Distribution, abundance and conservation of the listed 10 species
    identified in the landscapes in Sikkim, granted by UNDP-SECURE (2019 – 2021)
  2. Developing a geospatial database and webportal for the project Advancement of Healthcare at local levels using traditional knowledge with modern database and analysis for HD Kote Taluka, granted by AYUSH, Govt of Karnataka.
  3. Promotion of GIS enabled herbal pharmacopeia at the Talukas level for enhancing self-reliance in Primary Healthcare (PHC) of rural households, folk healers and schools. & Development of a Course Module on Geographical Information systems (1- credit) granted by Infosys. (2018 onwards)
  4. Population survey of Decalepis hamiltonii and documentation of population survey in Savandurga Forest, granted by Infosys. (2019 – 21)


  • Dhatchanamoorthy N, Ravikumar K , Sathya Sangeetha, Noorunnissa Begum S, 2021. Studies on Grass flora of Savandurga forest from Karnataka India, Species 22(70)
  • Dhatchanamoorthy N, Ravikumar K, Sathya Sangeetha, Noorunnissa Begum S, 2020. New Distribution of less known endemic grass Dimeria orissae BOR (Poaceae:Panicoideae) from Karnataka, My Forest, Vol.56 (4) 75-80.


  • D.K. Ved, Vijay Barve, M. Sathya Sangeetha, Eco geographic maps of 300 Indian Medicinal Plants of Conservation Concern , 2003 – 2012 , Under the Centre of Excellence program, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India.
  • D.K. Ved, Vijay Barve, Sathya Sangeetha, 2005. Eco-distribution Mapping of Medicinal Plants with Restricted Distribution (40 sps), FRLHT, Bangalore.
  • D.K. Ved, S. Noorunnisa Begum, Vijay Barve, Sathya Sangeetha, 2004. Eco-distribution of Medicinal Plants of Conservation Concern. FRLHT, Bangalore.

Digital ATLAS

  1. M. Sathya Sangeetha, Bhagyalakshmi K.B., D.K. Ved, Dr. Vijay Barve, Pavitha, Sunil Deore, Sumalatha, Deepali N, Geographical Distribution Digital ATLAS of Prioritized Indian Medicinal Plants for North East India, 2012 – 17 , Under the Centre of Excellence program, Ministry of Environment & Forest & Climate Change, Government of India
  2. D.K. Ved, Dr. Vijay Barve, M. Sathya Sangeetha, Geographical Distribution Digital ATLAS of Prioritized Indian Medicinal Plants (1900 sps) 2002 – 12 , Under the Centre of Excellence program, Ministry of Environment & Forest & Climate Change, Government of India.
  3. Conservation Education Map posters generated for State Forest Departments depicting backward linkages for high trade botanicals from 2012 onwards –
  • “Vidari” – Cycas complex – C. circinalis, C. beddomei, C. sphaerica, C. pectinate.
  • “Vidanga” – Embelia ribes., Embelia tsjeriam-cottam, Maesa indica, Myrsine Africana.
  • “Raktachandana” – Pterocarpus santalinus and Daphniphyllum himalayense.
  • “Guggulu” – Commiphora wightii and Commiphora berryi.
  • “Ashoka” – Saraca asoca.
  • “Manjista” – Rubia Sikkimensis & Rubia cordifolia.
  • “Sariva” – Decalepis hamiltonii & Hemidesmus indicus.
  • “Daruharidra” – Berberis aristata, B. asiatica ROXB., B.chitria, B. lycium, B. tinctoria, Coscinium fenestratum, Mahonia leschenaultia, M. nepaulensis.

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