10th Training Program – “Hands-on Training on Next Generation Sequencing, Analysis & its Applications”

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Jointly organized by:
The University of Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences & Technology (TDU)
Bengaluru Genomics Centre (BGC)

Program Directors


The progress of science is punctuated by the advent of revolutionary technologies that provide new ways and scales to formulate scientific questions and advance knowledge. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, with its high-throughput capacity and low cost, has developed rapidly in recent years and become an important genome-wide tool to discover new genes, genomes and its elements. Over half of genome content is composed of jumping genes or Mobile genetic elements or transposable elements, which repetitive in nature and pose greater challenges for eukaryotic genome annotation. The expression of genome called “Transcriptome or RNA world” is complex and composed of varied transcripts per gene. Computational tools are evolving with speed and accuracy to address problems of genomes and transcriptomes. Hand-holding of participants and mentoring by genome experts throughout this training will create an ecosystem for experiential learning in real time.

Training Theme

  • BIG-BANG of Genomic Science
  • Avenue and Opportunities in Genomics
  • Challenges in Bioinformatics & Data Science
  • Agglomeration of “Pure & Digital” Sciences

Our Achievements

  • Created “Genomics Ecosystem” in the country by conducting 10 training programs.
  • Trained > 200 Scientists (All streams of Biology, Engineering , Technology).
  • Achieved 100 % Literacy by the participants in Genomics and Bioinformatics

Past Events

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11th February 2019 and 16th February 2019.

Target Audience

Students, Faculty and Scientists from Academia and Industries including Life Sciences, Biology, Computer , Medicine, Agriculture, Veterinary, Environmental Science and any other disciplines.

Computer Support

We will be providing computers/server with required programs and softwares for the participants.


10th NGS Training
Day 1
  • Plenary Lecture on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies and Applications
  • Hands on: Sample collection, Storage and Processing, DNA isolation and Quality check
Day 2
  • Hands on: NGS library preparation
  • DNA Sequencing using NGS platform
Day 3
  • Hands on: Basic of computing (Linux) and high-end server
  • De novo based Assembly and Annotation of Genomes
Day 4
  • Hands on: Transcriptome sequence and De novo based Assembly and Annotation
Day 5
  • Hands on: R-programming applications in NGS data analysis
  • Hands on: Transposon Annotation from assembled genomes
Day 6
  • Hands on: NGS data submission to NCBI database
  • Genome browser and databases
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Manuscript Writing

Workshop Documents


Organizing Secretary

  • Ms. Puja Sashankar, TDU.
  • Dr. Anwar S, BGC.


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