Plant DNA Fingerprinting Services

Authentification of Medicinal, Horticultural, Agricultural, Forest and Wild Plant Species


  • Medicinal plants have gained popularity worldwide for treatment of diseases and maintenance of health.
  • There is a huge demand at the national as well as international level for herbal drugs, there is a need to maintain the quality and purity of plant material.
  • Authentication of medicinal plants is of utmost importance for safety and efficacy of herbal drugs.
  • Sequencing a standard region of DNA known as DNA barcoding can be used as an efficient tool for species identification.

We offer plant DNA fingerprinting services and sequencing at Centre for Functional Genomics & Bio-informatics.


  1. Genomic DNA extraction
  2. Primer Design for chloroplast, mitochondrial and nuclear genes
  3. DNA amplification using PCR
  4. PCR product purification
  5. DNA Sequencing
  6. Data analysis
  7. Sequence submission to NCBI (Optional)

Other Services

Plant genomic DNA bank, species authentification by expert taxonomist, NGS/Bio-informatics services.


  • Fresh plant sample shipped in ice packs.
  • For dry samples (high mucilage, processed, roots, bark, nuts, gums and resins) require standardisation


  • Subjected to number of samples, no. of amplicons and extent of data analysis.
  • Additional charges for dried and processed samples.

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