Ghee and Pippali (Recipe)

Recipe #2 – Ghee and Pippali

Pippali (in image) powder: 100 g
Ghee: 400 g
Water: 1.6 litres

Mix all ingredients in a thick bottom steel pot of about 4 L capacity. Cook on low flame with constant stirring to avoid burning and getting stuck to the bottom. Cook till the sputtering stops indicating complete evaporation of water. At this stage the mixture leaves the bottom and sides of the pot. This might take more than an hour. After naturally cooling, filter through a muslin cloth and store in a moisture-free airtight (preferably glass or porcelain) container for up to a year.


Enhancer of general immunity against diseases of infectious or systemic origin

For children:
1-3 years: ¼ teaspoon
4-6 years: ½ teaspoon
6 years +: 1 teaspoon

Use daily on empty stomach for 3 months. Repeat after a gap of 15-20 days.

Author: Dr. Subrahmanya Kumar, Assistant Professor, CABHN

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