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    • Be a trained and certified general duty assistant just in 3 months
    • Be a trained and certified Panchakarma therapist in 6 months. Residential training of youth in special skills of Panchakarma therapies with assured job placement

    Past Events

    • Workshop on “Real World Evidence and its role in Ayurveda clinical practice and basic research – A data science perspective” for Ayurveda doctors and scientists on 13th and 14th June, 2019.
    • Talk on clinical application of Buttermilk and Ghee in Ayurveda presentation made during Symposium on Ghee and Buttermilk Synergising Ayurveda knowledge with modern dairy science at CABHN, TDU, 13th November 2019..
    • Hands-on 30 days’ internship for BE Biotechnology students on clinical research, and clinical proteomic biomarker identification, 2019.
    • 5-days Workshop on Dinacharya based on Ayurveda, for South East Asian participants in December, 2019.
    • Hands-on 15 days Internship program for BE Biotechnology students on clinical research and bio-banking practices, 2018.
    • Participation in International symposium on Dementia to create awarenessregarding Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and its approach in Ayurveda to elderly people at IISC, 14th to 16th November 2018..
    • Presentation on “Guidelines to publish case reports” for Ayurveda doctors at Agnivesha Ayurveda Pratishtana, Bangalore on 5th November 2018.
    • A seminar on Exosomes as diagnostic tools in integrative research at Gangazen Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd on 25th July 2018.
    • A seminar on “Herbs for health and healing” for general public and botany students of Mount Carmel college on 2nd July, 2018.
    • Panchakarma Therapist training conducted during 2010 – till date.
  • About the Centre

    The Center for Clinical Research and Education believes in bridging Shastra to the science through evidence based Ayurveda.  CCRE focuses on exploring and disseminating the knowledge about concepts of Ayurveda and traditional medicine through various kinds of clinical researchand education to different sectors of the society at both national and international level.

  • Objectives

    • Explore, Interface and validate Ayurveda and Traditional Indian Medical Practices utilizing contemporary tools for understanding the effects, efficacy, safety of the Ayurveda concepts, treatments and formulations in health and disease.
    • Understanding the mechanism of action of Ayurveda intervention and concepts through translational research.
    • Creating awareness and educating various sectors of society about Ayurveda concepts for healthy living.
  • Infrastructure

    • CCRE is an integral part of the TDU hospital – Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (IAIM).  A 100 bedded NABH accredited hospital with various specialised doctors in different departments, well-equipped lab and Panchakarma theatres for treatment and education purposes.
    • CCRE has the facilities for teaching the students with spacious rooms with a projector system.
    • CCRE has a biomarker lab with the necessary equipments for conducting molecular and exosome studies from bio fluids along with storage facilities for the samples.
  • Collaborations

    • CCRAS
    • ASTER CMI Hospital, Bangalore
    • HCG Hospital, Bangalore
    • NCBS
    • Thera Index Life Sciences Pvt Ltd.
  • Research Grants

    1. An exploratory pilot study to evaluate the effects of Ayurveda and yoga health practises on Swasthya (wellness) of the health seekers with special reference to respiratory health. A BOSCH- TDU initiative
      • PI: Dr Poornima
      • Co-PI: Dr Prakash, Dr Prasan, Dr Subramanya, Dr Megha
      • Advisors: Dr Narendra Pendse, Dr Gurmeet and Mr Varuna subramanya
  • Expertise

    • Dedicated GCP trained professionals to conduct clinical research in a well-equipped 100 bedded NABH accredited Ayurveda   Hyperlink to the hospital (www.iaimhealthcare.org)
    • Team of Ayurveda physicians trained in various branches as medical experts.
    • Collaboration with other hospitals for need based clinicians.
    • Experienced in conducting Whole systems studies, clinical trials and observational studies for the effect, efficacy and safety of Ayurveda based treatment in non-communicable diseases.
    • Exploratory studies for mechanism of action of Panchakarma treatments.
    • Drug trials for herbal formulations as per the GCP guidelines.
    • Community based studies to explore the potential of Ayurveda based interventions
    • Sophisticated HMIS for data extraction and analysis in retrospective studies.
    • Well-equipped lab facilities for molecular studies.
    • Expertise in Exosome biology and proteomic studies.
    • Expertized in developing innovative curriculum merging Shastra and science for different stakeholders starting from layman to medical and paramedical experts.
  • Courses

    • Diploma course in Panchakarmatherapy (DPKT)
    • Certificate course in Panchakarma therapy and Yoga basics (PKYB)
    • Certificate course in general duty assistant (GDA)

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