Centre for Traditional Knowledge, Data Sciences & Informatics | The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU)
  • Centre for Traditional Knowledge, Data Sciences & Informatics

  • Centre Head

    Mr. Varuna Subramanyam

  • Mission & Vision



    To understand, conserve and propagate Traditional Knowledge on Indian Systems of Medicine, especially Ayurveda and its contemporary relevance in education, research and application.

  • Objectives (Research)

    • To encourage collaborative programs/research projects to share Medicinal Plants related data with local, regional, national and international organizations like AYUSH/NMPB/MoEF,  DBT, DST and other similar institutions.
    • To support medicinal plants research that will strengthen PhD studies.
    • To develop well researched innovative educational tools (Web Portals, Apps, CDs, Books) in the field of  preventive, promotive and curative aspects of health.
    • To develop well researched education materials for different user groups on medicinal plants & TK.
    • To develop bioinformatics / predictive modeling tools for using various databases and network pharmacology.
    • To conduct studies in the field of Traditional quality controls and in ISM using research evidences.
    • To develop well researched databases in the field of medicinal plants, metals & minerals and medicinal fauna.
    • To digitize medical manuscripts and publish rare books, Dictionaries  in Sanskrit, English And Regional Languages.
  • Objectives (Education)

    • Takeup Prioritised curriculam development and modules for TDU courses
    • To design and develop establish e- learning tools to strengthen TDU Courses
    • To conduct capacity building programs to encourage agencies to establish Medicinal plants and TK informatics (at local, regional, national and international, ISM colleges).
    • To conduct training programmes in the field of TK with special reference to ISM
    • To support Primary health care programmes for urban and rural people through web sites and APPs in regional languages.
    • To conduct studies in Theoretical foundations of ISM & Medicinal plants at PG, PhD Level
  • Objectives (Outreach)

    • To widen TDU reach through the web and by partnership, and increase the impact of ISM health with national and global audiences.
    • To aim at high public visitation through web and partner with world class institutions to share our message.
    • To link various ISM institutes / experts through e-portal / learning facility.
    • Conduct and participate in national and international programmes to increase awareness on and importance of Indian medical Heritage & Traditional knowledge.
    • To publish articles in popular magazines , scientific journals on TK
    • To conduct promotional programmes in collaboration with Govt./ NGO on conservation of medicinal plants and TK
    • To provide health informatics facility to ISM  institutes through

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