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Women Technology Park

Significant women population in the target villages of Bangalore Rural District belong to economically and socially disadvantaged households. Agriculture is their main occupation traditionally. Due to difficulties experienced by these households, on account of monsoon failures, increasing costs of agricultural inputs, etc, a large number of rural households are engaging themselves in diverse unskilled or semi-skilled or skilled vocations in the non-farm sector. Due to lack of access to Science and Technology infrastructure and facilities, they are unable to earn sufficient income to cope with ever-increasing cost of living, in the light of their proximity to a fast developing cosmopolitan city such as Bangalore. Under such situation, maximum impact is borne by the women, followed by children. This leads to lack of quality life in the entire family.

The Women Technology Park, a project funded by the Department of Science and Technology aims to build capacities in women from Bangalore peri-urban villages by providing livelihood and primary health care options. The main activity of the WTP in the current project is to train women SHG members in Vermicomposting, Nursery and propagation techniques, Semi-processing, value addition, homestead cultivation and entrepreneurial skills.

Achievements To Date

  • As on May 2017, we have imparted skills to 207 SHG women members in Vermicomposting, Nursery and propagation techniques and Homestead Cultivation. 181 SHG women members are trained in establishment of home herbal gardens for use in management of their family’s primary healthcare needs
  • As a result of our training programs in science and technology areas 11 women entrepreneurs have already established vermi-composting units and selling the compost to customers and using it in their own farms
  • 02 more women have established medicinal plant nurseries
  • Development of individual or collective entrepreneurial skills.

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