The Power of Genomics

Author: Dr. Pavithra N, Post-Doctoral Fellow,
Centre for Functional Genomics & Bio-informatics.

It’s my pleasure to share my experience in the field of genomics. I feel it is very much important to explore the opportunities in the area of genomics.

My PhD work was on anti-diabetic compound from endophytes. It is really wonderful experience to learn the emerging technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing Technology. Today we don’t need labs to do sequencing, we have such powerful tools to carry out sequencing wherever we go.

I had an adventurous experience under the guidance of Prof. Malali Gowda to set up a mobile lab at the Uttarkhand for RNA studies. Nothing is impossible for a biologist when we have will power and a great mentor.

My perspective was that bioinformatics and computer science is not my cup of coffee. But it was a big surprise to me being transformed into a bioinformatician today with the confidence of handling training.

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